behind the news

3  Facts: Quantas is a big air line. Quantas is dropping 5000 jobs. with all the jobs they don’t make a profit.

2 Understandings: I understand there dropping the jobs to make more profit. I understand that they are at risk of shutting down.

1 Wondering: I wonder what would happen if  plan B failed?

100 wc # 21

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer and Alex the pup was traveling in his huge hot air balloon to get to his puppy training meeting. He is graduating from puppy school! It’s a huge event for all the graduates of 2014! Alex is going to meet up with his best friend Hamish and take him to the special occasion. Alex is so excited but puppy school was on the other side of the country! That’s why Alex travels by air. There isn’t any traffic in the air so Alex always gets there very quickly! Alex moves on to  puppy primary school after this! He can’t wait!


Super spell results

Spelling skills established.

  • Verb ending

Spelling skills partly established

  • Long vowel sounds- vowel diagrams
  • Long vowel sounds- single letters
  • Long vowel sounds- silent e ending
  • Vowel digraphs- diphthongs
  • Diphthongs- vowels before r
  • Silent consonants
  • Soft consonant sounds c and g
  • Harder plurals

Spelling skills not established

  • None

Dear Lee / application.

Dear Lee and all my class mates for 2014,

My name is India and I have many qualities I can bring to 5/6 B for 2014. I am a joyful person who is always ready to help all who need assistance and I have a loud voice so I can make loud announcements whether it be in the classroom or at assembly.

I am a joyful and enthusiastic person. I always love to meet new people and I am always full of energy. I can run 3 kilometers and still be a peppy and optimistic as before.

I am a person who loves helping anyone in need. I am a person who cares for every one, even if I don’t really consider them as a friend. I also enjoy helping teachers if needed. I can clean, tidy and anything else if needed.

I have a loud voice so I  make presentations well. I could make a announcement and any one in the world would be able to hear me. Also in this case i can read a cue card. A cue card being a strip of paper with dot points of what your meant to say on them.

So in conclusion I am a peppy, helpful person with a loud voice great for making announcements.

Camp reflection

There was something tugging on the end of my line. Was a fish trying to steal my disgusting and revolting smelling bait? Well I had to find out. I started to reel it in. What was on the end? Was I caught in some rocks? Only the future knows. My friend Chloe started to yell this : “ India! You have a bite! You have a bite! That started to get me really excited so reeled it in faster and faster and faster! What if there was a fish on the end, hanging from the hook?!?!  What would I do?! A brown scaly thing popped out of the salty water, attached to my line. I caught a fish! I brought it over onto the path and Chloe tried to help me keep it still. She grabbed it and it slipped out of her hand and flew into the air. And when it came down it’s prickly spine pricked Chloe’s finger! OUCH!


Maddy is a good friend of mine

And she is lovely to be around

Dark hair she has

Dark eye’s she has

You know she is a lovely person


Shakira is a good friend of mine

Her fun personalty is nice to be around

And she is kind

Kira is one of the nick names i give her

In our friendship trust is the key

Running around together is a lot of

And our friendship will never end

Math mate on blog!

Predict:  I predict  it will be about addition

Read: The digit sum for 103 or 4 how many different three-digit numbers have the sum of 4?

Clarify: Nothing to clarify

Big question: How many different three-digit numbers have the sum of 4

Mathematician’s tool box: Test all possibilities

Solve: I started with adding 2 and 2. That equals 4. I put a 0 in the middle  so it was a 3 digit number. The other 2 were  301 and 400.

Summary: This could be very hard but with practice it becomes easy!


Marley is the best friend nobody can beat

Around for me all the time

Really funny and nice she is

Lovely to be around

Every body loves her

Your best friend can’t beat Marley


Rebecca is a funny girl

Every thing about her is fantastic

Because she funny every body likes her

Every body is her friend

Calisthenics is one of the sports she does

Collaborate is one of the things she does well

A very lovely person to be around