How to make the PERFECT speech!

You will need-

Perfect sized cue cards

Self confidence

A topic to talk about

A computer (to do research on)



1.Choose a appropriate topic to talk about in your speech.

2. Study your topic to get usable information to include in your speech.

3. Once you have chosen the information to include in your speech, make cue cards the size of your palm. Make sure you only have dot points on your cue cards like this-

  • Vegetables
  •  Fruit
  • Water

Not every word your going to say!

4. Practice your speech! Make sure you preform and include the following things-

  • Pauses (At appropriate times)
  • Make sure you project your voice (So its loud)
  • Make sure you don’t hesitate! (People will think you did not practice your speech!)
  • Be prepared to answer any questions your audience might have.
  • Make eye contact. (Eye contact is very important)
  • Don’t put your hands in your pockets! It gets very distracting!
  • Make sure the language you use is descriptive and persuasive.

5. Do your speech exactly how you’ve practised and you will give the best speech!