Beaker and I

“I’m here.” I said to myself. “I’m actually here.” My short blonde hair flapped in the wind. I’m standing at the Muppets studio front gate. I stepped inside. I walked to the front door,leaves crunching underneath my feet. The studio looked deserted. Where was everybody? I made it to the front door and rang the door bell. Nobody answered. I gave the door a little push and with a creak it swung open. I stepped inside.

“Hello?” I asked. “Anybody there?

“Ahhhhhh, your here, great to see you.” a voice said. Kermit the frog stepped around the corner.

“Thank god its just you.” I said able to breathe again.

“Yes its just me. Would you like to speak to Beaker?” Kermit asked me.

“That would be great, thanks.” I replied.

“Beaker! She would like to see you!” Kermit called.

“Meep Meep!” came a voice.

“He is coming.” Kermit said. “Make yourself at home.”

I walked around the studio, wondering about the future that lay before me. Will Beaker and I be successful? Will we have any explosions? I mean, science is pretty dangerous. This is a dream come true! I mean being on the Muppet show!

That is the end of part 1!

Part 2 will be on my blog next week and there will be 3 parts. beaker

Going home

“I can’t wait to go home and be in the arms of my loving parents.” Alex the pup said to himself while flying through the sky. It has been ages since Alex has seen his Mum and Dad and was stocked to be going home. But all of this reminded him of his older sister Victoria. Victoria passed away because of food poisoning. Alex had loved her a lot and missed her very much.

Alex smelt the sent of his home (dog have very good noses) town and started to land his big hot air balloon. With his luck he landed right on his parents driveway. “Mum! Dad!” he screamed. “I’m home and I have so much to tell you!” But  no one answered

Alex was running around the streets of his home town like a headless chook. “Mum! Dad! Where are you?” Alex yelled. Over in the distance two dogs (one male, one female) heard his cries. The girl said

“That looks and sounds like Alex!” She said. “But it can’t be.”

“Anythings possible, honey.” Said the boy.

“My baby boy is home.”



“Alex, honey we are over here!” Alex’s Dad yelled. Alex saw them and ran over to them, heart pumping while he was screaming:

“Mum! Dad! I’ve missed you so much!” And they would say:

“Same here! Same here!”

“I’ve got money!” Alex screamed, heart rising. “We can life a happy life!” He through himself into there arms.

“We have missed you so much!” Alex’s Mum told him.”Don’t ever leave home again.”

Authors comments:

In class we worked on tying beginnings to endings( This is when you choose one of the following categories and use them in your first and last paragraph to tie them together: Intense action, sensory description, feeling, intriguing question and sound effects  ) , the paragraph sandwich (the format of a paragraph: Topic sentence, supporting sentence, description sentence X 2  and concluding sentence)  and the 6 traits of writing ( Ideas, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, organization and voice)  I tried to include all of these formats in this piece like in the start and the end paragraph I talked about Alex’s feelings. Feel free to comment anything that you think will make it better.

The day I met Marilyn. Or a close 2nd.

As Alex flew through the sky his black ears flapped in the wind. Alex the cute little pup stuck out his tongue and started to lick the wind. Inside the basket were lots of foods for Alex to snack on until he decided to land his big orange air balloon.

The breeze was beautiful the morning was crisp. It was lovely up in the sky. “ What a wonderful day for flying.” Alex dreamily said to himself. All of a sudden he heard clapping and cheering from down on the ground. “What a racket!” Alex said. “Wonder what it is?” and with that Alex started to land his balloon.

Down on the ground there all sorts of different people. Cats cheering dogs as the came onto a big stage. Some dogs selling food, some more cats sitting around having a laugh. But there was this one dog, on the stage, and Alex thought she was beautiful.

As soon as the pretty dog came of stage Alex went to say hello. “ I thought you were amazing!” Alex said to the other dog. “ Why thank you!” the dog said to Alex. “What’s your name?” she asked asked in wonder. “ I’m Alex.” Alex replied. “ Delightful to meet you and welcome to L.A.” she told him. “I’m Elizabeth Gills.” “ What a wonderful name!” Alex burst.

A bit of a time later…….

   “Yes I would like him to star in the movie with me.” Elizabeth told Dan. (The director of the new movie Elizabeth was in.) “  I suppose he could play the part as Bugsy.” Dan explained. “Woo Hoo! What fun that would be!” Alex added. “We start shooting tomorrow.” Dan reminded them. “Be on set by 7:00.”








Alex and Elizabeth walked to Alex’s hot air balloon. “So you flew all the way here in a hot air balloon?” Elizabeth asked. “ That’s right.” He told her. They stopped because right there in front of them was Alex’s big hot air balloon. “Wow! It’s amazing!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “So Elizabeth……..” Alex began to say, but was cut off. “Call me Liz.” Elizabeth said. “So Liz do you want to come over for breakfast tomorrow?” Alex asked. “ I would love to!” Liz replied.



“This is delirious!” Liz said as she stuffed her face with egg. “You’re a really good cook!” she told him. “Thanks but we better go over to the set.” Alex said. “Your right lets head over there now.”

A long time later……

It took 2 months to finish the movie but it ended out great. There was a lot of drinking cordial and tossing pies, but it was all good fun. But Alex did have to say good bye and return to the sky. The crying, hugging and one little smooch. But Alex took off. I wonder where he will go next?

Tying begings to endings

While the year 5’s were at naplan the year 6’s worked on tying beginnings to endings. We learnt about the different sentence sequences being things like feeling,intense action, ect. With the beginnings and endings we made, we wrote the middle of the story. Now I have the story here to show you.


       The scariest time of my life.

The fire was orange and yellow, my basket was warm, my fur was glossy and soft, what a perfect time for a afternoon nap.

I wondered around in circles  patting my blanket it was so soft and so fluffy. I curled in a ball and wrapped my tail around me and softly started to snore.

I was sleeping there, the fire keeping me warm. It was lovely sleeping in my basket which was keeping me safe. I would stay there forever if I could. It was so comfy and so peaceful. I felt like I was never going to leave.

I was sleeping there, dreams and memories rushing through my head. What a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon. Sleeping in front of the fire while it was snowing outside, when suddenly I heard a BANG!

I jumped up in fright. My tail was stiff. The ground started to shake, all the pictures were falling off the walls, and vases were wobbling off tables, all the pots and pans in the kitchen were banging around. A terrible noise filled the air. I didn’t know what it was but it was enough to scare me to death.

Everything was moving and changing. I tried to find a hiding spot but something would fall on top of me in most places. Finally I decided to hide underneath the couch. When will it all be over?

After my big fright and the ground stopped shaking I came out from under the couch and tried to settle down. But it was hard. What if the noise came back? And if so what on earth did it want from me?


Ship wreck story

Friday the 18th of December

Hello Diary. My name is Alicia Kagros the 3rd. This is my diary. I don’t have many friends. I am very shy.  Well going back to me having not many friends. The truth is I only have 1. Her name is Paige. We are both in grade 4 at St. Stephanie’s primary school and it’s the last day before school holidays! Paige and I are going away on a ship during the holidays and we both can’t wait!

Saturday the 19th of December

Now that school is out Paige and I are packing our bags for our big trip tomorrow. I am packing lots of T-shirts because it is meant to be hot where we are going. The people that are going is Paige, Paige’s Mum Rachel , My mum Eliza, My little sister Masiri and I.

Sunday the 20th of December

I can’t wait until we set of. Mum, Masiri and I have our suit cases and we are walking along the dock to the boat. That’s where we are meeting Paige and her mum. Our suitcases are making loud noises behind us. That’s when I see Paige. I wave and grin. She waves back with a bigger grin on her face. I run over.   Paige and I have a chat while we wait for my family to arrive. Once they get here we all say hello and aboard the boat.

We have been on the boat for about 1 hour. Paige and I were talking when I heard a big BANG!!! The next thing I know is I am cold, numb and wet. I am also sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Monday the 21st of December

It’s me Paige Jillson. I am writing in Alicia’s diary. This is not something I would usually do but Alicia can’t finish her story. So I am here to finish the story. The ship we were on crashed. It smashed into a rock. All the others died but me. I am here in hospital with a broken leg. My brother and dad are coming to check on me. Now that’s the story.

The end.



This story is not real. It is simply a story I made up. It is based on a photo. It is also based on my friends

  • Eliza C
  • Masiri H
  • Rachel A
  • Paige O
  • Alicia K

I remeber you? (100 wc) week 13

“What a lovely night.” Hannah said to Jason.
“I know it’s beautiful.” Jason replied. BANG!!!!, “What was that?” Jason asked.
“I don’t know.” Hannah replied. “But if I had to guess I would say we are being watched.” Hannah continued. A man stepped out of nowhere.
“Hello Jason.” he said.
“How do you know me?” Jason asked. “Wait a minute. I know you! Another figure stepped out of the dark. It was a girl.
“Of course you know him, Jason.” Said the girl.
“I know you.” Hannah said with disbelief. “Kathleen?” Hannah exclaimed.
“ You’re coming with us.” Whispered Kathleen.

Winter sports is awsome! :)

” Winter sports has been the best thing since sliced bread!” Alex the cute little puppy from Puppy Primary told his best friend Hamish another cute puppy also from puppy primary. ” I know! you and I are in soccer together. but sliced bread is a little bit old don’t you think?” Hamish said to Alex. ” Ok, maybe, but   we did smash those puny little kitty’s from kitty elementary school! Alex screamed happily. ” Yeah! Talking about winter sports, I can’t wait until our last game on Friday against dogs and cats collage!” Hamish  told Alex while they walked to class.

“Hey are you talking about winter sports?” Emily the pretty puppy asked and joined the conversation. ” Ah, ha. Want to talk with us?” Alex asked Emily. Did you know on Friday were against dogs and cats college?”

Meeting Super Hen! Part 1

“Hi Miss Cloud!” Super Hen said as he sped through the sky. ” You’re an idiot!” Mr . Cloud yelled at Super Hen. “You have no proper tools in that bright blue  tool belt!” he screamed. ” So what!” Super Hen argued. ” All I need is a lolly pop!” he yelled with pride and sped towards town.

Super Hen is very stupid and idiotic hen. He has a huge family including-

  • Super Mum (his wife)
  • His 3 children, Lip gloss, Enoiyo and Baby Chick.
  • Super Mum’s mother lives with them so we can’t forget GRANDMA! (Also known as the “Chop Stick Lady).


Super Mum and Super Hen met at a farm dance 20 years ago. Super Mum is 49 years old and enjoys being with the whole family. Her blonde hair makes her stand out in big crowds and she is always wearing a pink cape.

Lip Gloss is a 12 year old chicken with 2 younger brothers so she spends most of the time with her Mum or with friends from school. Her green hair and pink eyes make her very noticeable.

Enoiyo is a extremely annoying 7 year old chicken with tall and fuzzy bright red hair, he stands out every where he goes. He only has one friend which is expected.

Baby Chick was rescued from prison by the Hen family and has lived with them ever since. He has bright orange feathers which makes him very noticeable.

Well these guys are a very odd family. In the next story you will read all about the family’s friends.


I see London!

“I wonder where my balloon will take me? Alex said like he was thinking out loud. “ maybe I will go to France?” Alex the pup said with excitement. “I think I’m going to land right here!” yelled Alex as he started to land
“Where on earth am I?” asked Alex while he stepped out of his balloon and onto the ground. “ Your in London said a voice from nearby. “ Who said that?” asked Alex with fear. “ I did. said the voice. My name is Gilbert the fluffy husky.” said Gilbert as he stepped out of the shadows. He was wearing a black leather jacket and a black detective hat. “I need help.” said Gilbert in a soft voice. “ Sure!, I love helping!” said Alex enthusiastically. “ Can you capture Jack the Nipper?” Gilbert asked. “ I think you mean Jack the ripper.” Alex corrected. “ No! Gilbert explained I mean Jack the nipper! Gilbert explained. He kidnaps kittens!” Gilbert continued. “ Oh my, oh my! Alex gasped. That’s horrible! Alex screamed. I will see what I can do.” Alex said with agreement. “ Good, now get to work.” Gilbert cried.

It didn’t take long for Alex to find Jack. Gilbert thanked Alex and gave him his jacket. Alex is back up in the air now and of to his next destination. I wonder where he will go next?