Beaker and I

“I’m here.” I said to myself. “I’m actually here.” My short blonde hair flapped in the wind. I’m standing at the Muppets studio front gate. I stepped inside. I walked to the front door,leaves crunching underneath my feet. The studio looked deserted. Where was everybody? I made it to the front door and rang the door bell. Nobody answered. I gave the door a little push and with a creak it swung open. I stepped inside.

“Hello?” I asked. “Anybody there?

“Ahhhhhh, your here, great to see you.” a voice said. Kermit the frog stepped around the corner.

“Thank god its just you.” I said able to breathe again.

“Yes its just me. Would you like to speak to Beaker?” Kermit asked me.

“That would be great, thanks.” I replied.

“Beaker! She would like to see you!” Kermit called.

“Meep Meep!” came a voice.

“He is coming.” Kermit said. “Make yourself at home.”

I walked around the studio, wondering about the future that lay before me. Will Beaker and I be successful? Will we have any explosions? I mean, science is pretty dangerous. This is a dream come true! I mean being on the Muppet show!

That is the end of part 1!

Part 2 will be on my blog next week and there will be 3 parts. beaker

The 5 facts of fiction- the school for good and evil

Fact number #1- Fiction is all about the character.

Sophie, the main character has beautiful long blonde hair. Her skin is so soft and is a peachy colour. Her eyes blue, but not just any blue, sea blue. Her eyes are the colour of the sea. And she wears this beautiful light purple ball gown.

Fact number #2- Fiction is all about what your character wants.

Sophie has waited all her life to be kidnaped and taken to the school for good but when she gets there things don’t go quite to her plan and she finds her at the school for evil. All she wants is to go to the school for good and to have her true love take her to the evers snow ball.

Fact number #3- Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants.

Sophie gets her prince at first and he always told her he would prove her good in the trial. But when Tedros finds out Sophie is a witch. The she tries to win her prince back but he has a new love interest.

Fact number #4- Fiction is all about how you character changes.

At the end of the book Sophie learns she is a witch. She has vainy skin, Black warts and a bald head.