Read like a reader

Why did Sophie turn into a witch? Why were Sophie and Agatha friends in the first place? Why did Tedros love Agatha? Why did Agatha have no friends?

I want to know where Sophie and Agatha poofed to in the end. Where did they go? That’s what I want to know.

I visualized things obviously the writer didn’t because it was not on the page. She described how Sophie was turning evil but never said it.

Sophie reminded me of me because she has long blonde hair and I have short blonde hair. She is also determent to get what she wants just like me.

I felt sad when Sophie changed. I liked her at the start but she scared me towards the end. I felt happy for Agatha when Tedros asked her to the ball.

I love this book. I never got bored and it was so hard to put it down. It had a bit of everything: fantasy, action, romance, ect. There was lots of spells, boy drama, running scenes and so much more!school for g and e


Values in sport


In this activity during sport we had to find ourselves and our peers using the school values. (respect, optimism, care, collaboration.) I thought Shakira and i were very encouraging and that comes under optimism.

How to make the PERFECT speech!

You will need-

Perfect sized cue cards

Self confidence

A topic to talk about

A computer (to do research on)



1.Choose a appropriate topic to talk about in your speech.

2. Study your topic to get usable information to include in your speech.

3. Once you have chosen the information to include in your speech, make cue cards the size of your palm. Make sure you only have dot points on your cue cards like this-

  • Vegetables
  •  Fruit
  • Water

Not every word your going to say!

4. Practice your speech! Make sure you preform and include the following things-

  • Pauses (At appropriate times)
  • Make sure you project your voice (So its loud)
  • Make sure you don’t hesitate! (People will think you did not practice your speech!)
  • Be prepared to answer any questions your audience might have.
  • Make eye contact. (Eye contact is very important)
  • Don’t put your hands in your pockets! It gets very distracting!
  • Make sure the language you use is descriptive and persuasive.

5. Do your speech exactly how you’ve practised and you will give the best speech!



Wilton krogman

In grade 5/6 c we are doing a mini project on a forensic scientist and this is some information on Wilton Krogman that I collected…

I will be telling you about Wilton Krogman. He was born in June on the 28th in 1903. Wilton was a forensic anthropologist. For those of you that don’t know what a forensic anthropologist is then think of the TV show CSI other-wise known as crime scene investigations. What he did was use science to analyse bones to see who the bones belong too. He worked solving major crimes in the USA and set the standards for all the forensic investigators who follow in his footsteps. Not only did he work on modern crimes he was also involved in establishing and identifying ancient bones. He actually identified bones belonging to Egyptian pharaohs. For those of you that don’t know a pharaoh is a ruler of ancient Egypt. Wilton’s interest in forensic anthropology began when he was a child when he and his brother found the skeleton of a horse. As his interest grew he studied at the university of Chicago. After graduating he worked as a lab technician for Eliot Pess and was involved in the arrest of Al Capone, The world’s most famous gangster. He also thought at 2 different university’s and his findings are still used by forensic investigators throughout the world today. He died on the 4th of November 1987 as a 84 year old man. If you would like to expand on your knowledge internet explorer has many websites about Wilton Krogman. Thank you for listening I hope you learnt something new.