Walice and Gromit’s Christmas!

“Christmas, Christmas time is here!” Walice sang as he skipped around the tree. “Time for joy and time for cheer!” Gromit on the other hand was Walice’s dog. He couldn’t speak but he still had fun on Christmas. Gromits favorite part was wrapping presents. In fact that’s what he was doing now. Walice prancing and Gromit was wrapping when suddenly they both heard a knock on the door. It was Lady Tottington.

“Merry Christmas!” She said.

“To you to.” Walice replied.

“The carols are about to start in the town square.” She said. “Are you going?”

” Yes I believe we are.” Walice told her. “What do you say old pal?” he said as he turned to Gromit. Gromit nodded his head eagerly. “We’ll be there.”

The town square was packed. Everyone in town must have been there. Walice and Gromit found a good place where they could see everything clearly. The children from the local school sang carols and after that it was time to light the tree’s lights.

“The lights are going to be beautiful, I bet!” Walice whispered to Gromit. The mayor was infront of the tree and started to speak.

“Thank you everyone!” He said “Now it’s time to light the tree!” He cooed and plugged the cords together. The lights didn’t turn on.

“Wonder why the lights aren’t turning on.” Walice whispered to Gromit. Gromit shrugged. Suddenly Walice heard a whisper in his ear.

“Christmas spirit.” said a voice. “Christmas spirit.”

“We need more Christmas spirit!” Walice blurted. “Sing with me!” He yelled. “Christmas, Christmas time is here!” slowly people joined in. “Time for joy and time for cheer!” Once they had everyone singing the lights turned on with a splash of color. ” We can hardly stand the wait!” Please Christmas don’t be late!”w+g

The boring writing prosses. book number 6

For Morris Glietzman.

“The writing process can be dull but mostly I try and make it exiting! Alex told Sarah while he was writing in his travel journal.  Thanks for getting it for me.” Alex was saying to Sarah. ” No worries, when you saw it, you really wanted it so I did not mind.” Sarah told Alex. ” Do you want the last taco so I can start eating my hot dogs from New York?” Alex asked Sarah. ” Maybe later, I’m not that hungry. Sarah replied. We should probably get out of this balloon and get some exercise.” Sarah suggested. “Ok!” Alex replied. So Alex landed his balloon to get out and get some exercise. “OMG! Alex shouted. Is this the Sydney opera house?” Alex asked himself out loud. ” Yes it is.” Sarah replied. ” This is where Carris Gliezman writes his stories! The best pets author in Australia! Alex explained to Sarah. He can give me tips on my writing.” Alex explained even more. ” I guess he could.” Sarah replied. ” I’m going to knock on his door and see if he will.”

2 minutes later……..

” Oh he has a door bell.” Alex mumbled. DING DONG! Carris answered the door. ” Hello can I help you?” Carris asked. ” Yes please.” Alex replied. ” Would you like to come in?” offered Carris. ” Ok.” Alex said and stepped in. ” Would you like a cookie?” Carris asked. ” No thanks, but I would like to know how to make my writing more interesting.” Alex replied. ” Easy as long as it comes from the heart you will be fine.” Carris said. “Ok. Thank you. Bye!”

Back in the balloon…..

“You were write you do make the writing process exiting.” Sarah told Alex.

There both up in the air now and of to there  next destination. I wonder where they will go next?