Green house gases (BTN)

Green house gases can be a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the way you look at it. It can be a good thing because it makes Earth warmer. With out Greenhouse gases in the air Earth’s average temperature would be -18′ C. But with all the heat the Greenhouse gases absorb, it naturally makes earth hotter. With all this extra heat ice will melt, causing sea levels to rise. If sea levels rise costs will be flooded and with the ice melting animals like penguins will lose their homes.

I understand that the Greenhouse effect can be a good thing and a bad thing. If people stop using their cars as much and if they stop buying as much the amount of Greenhouse gases in the air will decrees as well as keep Earth warm.

I would like to know if humans will change there ways. I hope they do because by doing so we can stop floods and save many animals from losing their habitats. I would really appreciate it if you talked to your parents to see if YOU and YOUR FAMILY can make a difference.

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Bronies – BTN

Bronies is the name of a club of male ‘My little Pony’ fans but was originally the name for a male ‘My little Pony’ fan.  Bronies thought ‘If people are going to call us this, why not make something of it.’

I understand that boys don’t have to like boys toys and girls dont’t have to like girls to nlike girls toys. These guys understand that there not perfect that there OK with that.

I wounder what these guys like about ‘My little Pony’.my little poney

BTN Flag day

Some people want to change the Australian flag because it doesn’t show the indigenous side of Australia. Also Britain might change because Scotland wants become a independent nation. So the Union jack might have to change.

I now know what everything on the Australian flag stands for: The union jack stands  for the first settlers of Australia and the stars on the side are the shorthorn cross. And the little star under the union jack shows the stares and territories of Australia.

Do you think they will ever change the flag.

BTN: Quinsy

Quinsy is a amazing little girl who is only 6 years old and is at the stage of a professional surfer. She also does skating as well as surfing. Her coach says she could be close to the best 6 years old skater and surfer in the WORLD!

Quinsy has made me realize that you can never be to small to make a impact and that its possible to be as amazing as she is in only 2 years of training.  As that racer dude in ‘Turbo’ says

“No dream is to big and no dreamer to small.”

Her story makes me wonder if I had stayed in Austria and kept skiing if I could be as amazing as she is.

BTN Hand shake vs fist bump

3 Recalls: There are 30 times more germs on a smart phone than on a toilet seat. There are 400 times more germs on a computer desk than on a toilet seat. A kitchen sponge has 200 000 more germs than a toilet seat.

2 Understandings: Fist bumps delivers 10 times less germs than a hand shake.  High fives delivers 10 times less germs than a hand shake.

1 Question:

Should the world dump hand shakes for  fist bumps?

BTN Internet secrets

3 recalls:

80 % of kids say their parents give them good advice when it comes to posting things online. 70% of kids say their parents don’t know what there doing online. Scientists are doing a search which proves kids don’t like showing their parents what they do online.

2 understandings:

Kids don’t like it because they find what they do online is private. Kids find it a lack of trust if their parents are always checking what they do online.

1 question:

Why are kids hiding online activities from the parents? Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

BTN :Bees’

3 recalls:

Bees’ make a third of the worlds food. Bees’ are dying because of a insect called the verolemite. In the hive there are 2 jobs for a girl bee (The Queen bee and the worker be)

2 understandings:

I now understand that Bees’ carry pollen which helps plants grow. I also understand that bees’ don’t sting you unless you annoy them.

1 question I still have:

How does the verolemite kill a bee?bees

BTN Diabetes

3 recalls: There are 2 types of diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)

There is no cure for ether of the types.

Diabetes is caused because your pancreas does not create insulin.

2 understandings:  Type 1 is something your born with.

Type 2 is developed by a unbalanced diet and not enough exercise.

1 question: If you are born with diabetes does it affect you the moment you are born?

Diabetes wordcloud


3 facts: the plain was from Malaysia air lines, the plan crashed with no signals and the plan went missing with Aussies on board.

2 understandings: I understand many country’s of the world are looking For the plain and I know that the plain crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

1 wondering: I wonder if they will ever find the plain? 

BTN To much sugar in our daily drinks

3 recalls: There is more sugar than expected in most drinks, not every drink you think is healthy is,  you should always think before you drink.

2 understandings: Fruit juice has lots of sugar in it, to much sugar can lead to diabetes and similar illnesses.

1 wondering: why is there so much sugar in our drinks?????