Good bye: Valedictorian speech

Welcome parents, teachers and students to the 2014 Moonee Ponds Primary School year 6 graduation. What an adventure I have had and I’m sure everyone here will agree with me. Even though I have not been a member of this school since prep I still feel that I have grown up and known all of these amazing people all of my life.

There is so much primary school has taught us, and in so many ways. There are simple work sheets, the GANAG proses, all the way to excursions and camps. I always knew that one day I would be here, with all my class mates, at our year 6 graduation, but every day it seemed so far away. But here we are, finishing our time at primary school.

There are so many trips we have all gone on together. Remember the joy that we shared finally being allowed on the big kids play-ground? Or when we were first allowed to buy treats from the canteen at swimming sports? Back then it was a huge step up. But now we are moving to high school.

We started off together at the year 2 sleep over where we slept in the prep area for a night. Now look at us. Just a month ago we came back from Canberra. We stayed there for a week!   Remember the first camp we went on? How grown up did we feel?  And that was only three days long!

When we moved into year 4 it was our first opportunity to get involved in ‘The tournament of the minds’. For those of us who did take up the challenge it was a great experience. Most of us kept coming back every year, now look at Lilli captain of this amazing opportunity.

Moving into year 5 we were the first generation to get ‘Net books’. Net books were a huge responsibility for us. In year 5 we also did our first ‘Met challenge.’ The met challenge taught us heaps about using the Metro system. It’s also a great way of preparing us for next year. Most of us will be taking public transport to and from school.

For our science unit of ‘Forensic science’ We were given the opportunity to travel to GTAC to help our study. We got to use fancy technology such as microscopes to solve mysteries. We went back to GTAC again this year to investigate our ‘Chemistry’ unit. Thank you GTAC for the amazing opportunity.

It’s sad to be here and see us all go our different ways. Good luck in the future,

India the Valedictorian of 2014.




Book club. com

Hey guys! Go visit my other blog! It is dedicated to reading. I have not posted much but I post reviews, lists and more!

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A Tribute

As one of my last posts a would like to pay a tribute to my old home:Austria.austria

I miss my house: The blue mountain hotel. If any of you have stayed there I would love to hear your thoughts. I loved to ski down the mountain when ever I liked, all I had to do was ask my Nani.


And last but not least, my school. I miss my class mates and the teachers. (most of the teachers hated me). I miss my best friends Yasmine, Nadia,Tabia and Florian ❤.

school 2009-2010

Miss you all.

Dear Dylan

Dear Dylan,

Even though you will probably never see this note, it is for you. I just wanted to say good bye and good luck. Good bye because I never got to say it properly and good luck with the rest of your first year of high school. I’m not sure if I will see you again but I will try to drop in at holiday program every so often. (Gerry gave me permission) I want you to know I find you a true friend. Your very funny and fun to be around, so your friends at school are very lucky. If you do happen to see this note feel free to leave a comment so we can keep in contact.

Wishing you all the best,


Unit goals: Extreme weather

Unit Learning Goal 1: Science

I will understand that scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to solve problems that directly affect peoples’ lives.

Unit Learning Goal 2: Science

I will understand that scientific knowledge is used to inform personal and community decisions

Unit Learning Goal 3: Science

I will understand that sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect Earth’s surface.

Unit Learning Goal 4: Reading and viewing

I will understand that select, navigate and read texts for a range of purposes, applying appropriate text processing strategies and interpreting structural features, for example table of contents, glossary, chapters, headings and subheadings

Unit Learning Goal 5: Writing

I will understand that reread and edit students’ own and others’ work using agreed criteria and explaining editing choices

Personal Learning Goals: During this unit, I will . . .

For my last semester as a primary school student I have only 1 goal I want to achieve:

I would like to be prepared for high school. I find myself an extremely disorganized student. At the high school I  am attending, everything is  very strict. They give out detentions very often and I don’t want to be the odd out and spend all of my time in detention.


Layla is a friend of mine

A P.E loser just like me

You will have no friend as in love with pandas as she is

Layla is very smart and got 3 B’s on her report

And she has a awesome blog:

My body my life reflection

What are the 3 most important research skills I learnt?

I learnt many things this term during the my body my life project and got the chance to work with Angus and Jack. We worked together  to do a presentation on the muscular system. But the 3 most important research  skills I learnt were, to use recommended websites, use books and not just use the internet and to always take advice from other people.


How can I improve my group work skills?

To work better as a group and listen to every ones ideas without  a interruption.


What is my goal for integrated?

My goal is to have better note taking skills so I can take notes a lot quicker.

3 way conference

Hi Mum and Dad!

This is my blog! It has changed a lot over time but here it is! All my posts are here for you to see when ever you want. You can look at every thing I post and there will be new posts every week.

My semester 2 goals.

My goals to become a better student are to be more organized, to give 100 precent in every class room I enter and to bring all my homework in on it’s due date.


I feel like these are things that I REALLY  need to set as a goal so I have.

These are MY goals not yours so please DON’T leave comments saying there lame or something like that. Thanks.