Lest we forget 2014 acrostic

Remember the people that went too world war one, 100 years ago.

Every man brave enough to fight saved our nation

Many lives were lost in sacrifice

Every man leaving their families to fight for us

Men falling in the poppies

Buy a poppy to donate money to the families  who lost

Every-where in the world celebrates remembrance day

Remember what happened, put yourself in their shoes

100 years since world war 1, 100 years since many lives were lost, 100 years since many families were broken, since the biggest war in the history of the world.

‘Lest we forget’

But it’s yellow 100wc

“Here is your jelly bean.” Said my sister shoved it in front of my face.

“But it’s yellow.” I explained. “I asked for 10 blue jelly blue jelly beans, not one yellow one!” I growled. “Go get me some blue jelly beans, NOW!” I snapped.

“But we only have yellow ones!” My sister complained. Then I started to get mad.

“Jasmine, I don’t care what color we have, I want blue ones so run to the store and get blue jelly beans, NOW!” I screamed.

“Your nothing but a  just a big bully!” She shot back at me and she shuffled out the door.

Finally we can make a start 100wc

It is the start of a new school year. The start of high school for me. I’m attending ‘Jelly collage’ with my best friend Susanna. Susanna and I have been friends for a long time. Since kindergarten. But nothing can be compared to the journey we are about to have. Finally we can make a start on our lives. Our lives are about to start. Sure we have to have been living to get here but nothing all that interesting happened. Now the drama can start. Now our friendship can be put to the test. As I said : Now the drama can start. For real. drama

Agatha of the woods beyond (100wc)

‘Could Agatha of the woods beyond please come to the school masters tower. Thankyou!’                                                 Agatha walked out of class and to the school masters tower. She went up the stairs to see what he need. Once she got to the top she steped inside.

‘Ive been expecting you.’ rung the voice of the school master.

‘I understand.’Agatha replied. ‘What do you need from me?’

‘I am sorry to say but you have been expelled from the school for good.’ the school master told her.

‘But where will I go?’ Agatha asked, shaking.

‘The school for evil for all I care.’


100wc Me as a Bee!

I was lieing there on the cold floor boards, my wing broken, eyes shut. All I could feel were soft pokes. What was happening to me? How far away from home was I? I opened my eyes but then quickly shut them as light blinded me. All I could do was lie there hoplessly. I opened my eyes aqain and saw two tiny men with sticks, pokeing me. I looked down and my stinger was gone. What did I do? Where did it go? I just cant remember. I had to leave. Find my family. Go home. Try life again.

Look! Look up! Can you see?

Look! Look up! Can you see?  Flying pigs for you and me!

Look! Look up! A big fat cat on that mat!

Look! Look down at the ground! A big fat cow! Big and round!

Look! Look there! I think I see a flying bear!

Look! Look at me! I’m as crazy as can be!

Look! Look right here! Can you see? That’s a big sphere!

Look look now! I think I see more fat cows!

Look, Look, Look! Here and there. Let’s just look every where! Joyful things here, happy things there, all sorts of things everywhere! Just LOOK!

100 word challenge night zoo keeper

I ran post the tigers cage. BOOM! I stop and hold my breath. None of them wake up. ‘Few’. I say  and keep on running. I hate my job as a night zoo keeper. It’s always dark and I hate the dark plus there are to many violent animals that if I wake will rip me to pieces. I run away quickly. This is so scary. At night facing death. Maybe I should just quit. That’s it I should quit. Who wants to risk there life taking care of animals? ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh!’


Rapunzel woke up to watch the lanterns. As she watched them she wished instead of being locked in a tower with a kidnaper called ‘Mother Gothel’, she could be in the city with the king and queen.(her Mum and Dad.) She decided to try and escape. ‘Mother is asleep. she silently thought. So I’ll do it!’ She slid down her to get to the ground. Once she touched the soil excitement filled her. She could run home to her parents. She could hug them and feel loved. She could rule her kingdom. “Yes”. She whispered with excitement . “ I’m free.”


Pushing through the earth the little mole dug to get to his family were they alright? Had the loud noise scared them? Or even worse had it killed them? The poor mole, heat thumping , dug and dug and dug. His paws bleeding from all the gravel hurt like crazy! But he did not care. All he wanted was to see his family’s gleaming face’s. He  ferociously dug, sick with worry. Why to day?! Any day but today. Why couldn’t this all happened after thy all perished?  All he is wishing for right now is to see his family together. Safe and sound again.


Alex flew through the sky towards the clearing for his house. He was going to have a party! He has Hamish with him to take to his house. He was having a party because he had just graduated from puppy school! He is going to puppy primary afterwards and he couldn’t wait to get there! He reached the clearing for his house. He went through the clearing which is filled with trees and wild flowers. He arrived to his beautiful home on the hill side . He went  in to set up. He couldn’t wait for his friends to come!