Good bye: Valedictorian speech

Welcome parents, teachers and students to the 2014 Moonee Ponds Primary School year 6 graduation. What an adventure I have had and I’m sure everyone here will agree with me. Even though I have not been a member of this school since prep I still feel that I have grown up and known all of these amazing people all of my life.

There is so much primary school has taught us, and in so many ways. There are simple work sheets, the GANAG proses, all the way to excursions and camps. I always knew that one day I would be here, with all my class mates, at our year 6 graduation, but every day it seemed so far away. But here we are, finishing our time at primary school.

There are so many trips we have all gone on together. Remember the joy that we shared finally being allowed on the big kids play-ground? Or when we were first allowed to buy treats from the canteen at swimming sports? Back then it was a huge step up. But now we are moving to high school.

We started off together at the year 2 sleep over where we slept in the prep area for a night. Now look at us. Just a month ago we came back from Canberra. We stayed there for a week!   Remember the first camp we went on? How grown up did we feel?  And that was only three days long!

When we moved into year 4 it was our first opportunity to get involved in ‘The tournament of the minds’. For those of us who did take up the challenge it was a great experience. Most of us kept coming back every year, now look at Lilli captain of this amazing opportunity.

Moving into year 5 we were the first generation to get ‘Net books’. Net books were a huge responsibility for us. In year 5 we also did our first ‘Met challenge.’ The met challenge taught us heaps about using the Metro system. It’s also a great way of preparing us for next year. Most of us will be taking public transport to and from school.

For our science unit of ‘Forensic science’ We were given the opportunity to travel to GTAC to help our study. We got to use fancy technology such as microscopes to solve mysteries. We went back to GTAC again this year to investigate our ‘Chemistry’ unit. Thank you GTAC for the amazing opportunity.

It’s sad to be here and see us all go our different ways. Good luck in the future,

India the Valedictorian of 2014.




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