Orientation recount

I rocked into Atkin collage on the 11th of November and EVERYONE knew who I was and I knew NOBODY! I made tonnes of new friends in practically the first minute! There are so many so many of them I can’t remember all of them! There’s Anastasia, Sana, Claire, Indiah, Jaquelin, Declan, Angus, Jemma and so many more!

We started of the day in chapel learning a bit about our new school. We were given our first notice about merits and demerits. Then we met the teachers of Dunhellen of 2015. We were then split into our groups. I was in green group. We had Mr.D as our mentor for the day. I was also grouped with Anastasia, Sana, Claire, Jaquelin and Angus.

We had our first 10 minutes in home room. This was our time to ask any questions about the day before it actually started. We had a quick little convocation about ‘I can’t remember what’.

My first lesson was science. We had 3 stations and one of them had something to do with fossils. When the teacher asked us what a fossil was I raised my hand. I started to go into all the details about fossil fuels, the teacher had to stop me before I could finish. During this lesson I got to help my group mates with using microscopes. I learnt to how to use them last year at G-TAC.

After science my group headed over to preforming arts. In preforming arts we had Mrs. Flood. Most the time we played games but it gave me the opportunity to understand her ways of teaching. We played two games. The hat game and Zip, Zap, Zoom.

Next was art. The art rooms were AMAZEBALLS! We were given ink blotches and we had to turn them into something. Mine was a guy with a moustache and a top hat. There were so many amazing materials!

In P.E we played Girls vs Boys dodge ball. Girls won the first round and then we sucked! Even with the teacher on our team we couldn’t win! The teacher did add in a couple twists though.

In survival tips we had some currant year sevens teach us about the Ipads, Merits and Demerits and the school in general. It was a helpful session.

Indonesian we learnt about Indonesia the country and the language. We learnt the numbers up to 20 and then we got to play Indonesian Bingo.

Over all it was a successful day.

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