A Tribute

As one of my last posts a would like to pay a tribute to my old home:Austria.austria

I miss my house: The blue mountain hotel. If any of you have stayed there I would love to hear your thoughts. I loved to ski down the mountain when ever I liked, all I had to do was ask my Nani.


And last but not least, my school. I miss my class mates and the teachers. (most of the teachers hated me). I miss my best friends Yasmine, Nadia,Tabia and Florian ❤.

school 2009-2010

Miss you all.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute

  1. Wow, India. That was really well laid out. I do feel sorry for you for having to leave your friends, but I hope you are happy here… 😀

  2. Hi India,
    I read your post on your tribute. I feel sad that you have to leave the school, but soon i will have to, to. I liked your post and how you included pictures of the places and your old school. I think that you could maybe include something about the school you are in now and the school you are going to go to. One Question; Are those actual pictures of your old school and house?

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