Lest we forget 2014 acrostic

Remember the people that went too world war one, 100 years ago.

Every man brave enough to fight saved our nation

Many lives were lost in sacrifice

Every man leaving their families to fight for us

Men falling in the poppies

Buy a poppy to donate money to the families  who lost

Every-where in the world celebrates remembrance day

Remember what happened, put yourself in their shoes

100 years since world war 1, 100 years since many lives were lost, 100 years since many families were broken, since the biggest war in the history of the world.

‘Lest we forget’

2 thoughts on “Lest we forget 2014 acrostic

  1. Hi India, I really enjoyed reading your writing for this week’s 100wc. You’ve clearly thought very carefully about the impact of the war both then and now and have included information about the poppies too. Great writing, well done.

  2. Well done India, a wonderful, powerful 100wc. You’ve captured the emotion of many people with your work, a very fitting tribute to the fallen soldiers. Great job 🙂

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