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BTN Flag day

Some people want to change the Australian flag because it doesn’t show the indigenous side of Australia. Also Britain might change because Scotland wants become a independent nation. So the Union jack might have to change.

I now know what everything on the Australian flag stands for: The union jack stands  for the first settlers of Australia and the stars on the side are the shorthorn cross. And the little star under the union jack shows the stares and territories of Australia.

Do you think they will ever change the flag.

But it’s yellow 100wc

“Here is your jelly bean.” Said my sister shoved it in front of my face.

“But it’s yellow.” I explained. “I asked for 10 blue jelly blue jelly beans, not one yellow one!” I growled. “Go get me some blue jelly beans, NOW!” I snapped.

“But we only have yellow ones!” My sister complained. Then I started to get mad.

“Jasmine, I don’t care what color we have, I want blue ones so run to the store and get blue jelly beans, NOW!” I screamed.

“Your nothing but a  just a big bully!” She shot back at me and she shuffled out the door.

Shrine of remembrance

Today ( Wednesday the 3rd of September) The year 5/6s of Moonee Ponds Primary School went to the shrine of remembrance for the battle of Australia commemoration. We  weren’t the only school there, we were joined by other schools such as Aitken Collage, St Patrick’s College Ballarat, Lilydale High School, Pascoe Vale Girls College and many more!

These schools were invited to help the students understand and gain knowledge about the battle for Australia and how regular people like us went to war to fight for the Australia we have today.

This was taught to us through speeches and trough songs like, “Be still my soul.” And “I am, You are, We are Australian.” Thanks to the band:  The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Band.

We were told stories from a solder’s point of view and priers were lead by the Chaplin .

Thank you to everybody who made this excursion happen and I’m sure everyone got something out of the experience.


Finally we can make a start 100wc

It is the start of a new school year. The start of high school for me. I’m attending ‘Jelly collage’ with my best friend Susanna. Susanna and I have been friends for a long time. Since kindergarten. But nothing can be compared to the journey we are about to have. Finally we can make a start on our lives. Our lives are about to start. Sure we have to have been living to get here but nothing all that interesting happened. Now the drama can start. Now our friendship can be put to the test. As I said : Now the drama can start. For real. drama