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Book week multi-age book activity

For book week we had a book week multi-age book activity. This is when people from every age group come together and read a book. This book has to be one of the book week short listed books. Once we have read the book we do a activity based on the book.

Today I went to one of the prep classes and we read “King Pig”. I enjoyed the colors in this book and I believe it sent across a good message: Treat other people how you would like to be treated.

My favorite page in the book was when the sheep were painting there wool all different colors and made clothes for the king.

Here are some photos from my activity:

BTN: Quinsy

Quinsy is a amazing little girl who is only 6 years old and is at the stage of a professional surfer. She also does skating as well as surfing. Her coach says she could be close to the best 6 years old skater and surfer in the WORLD!

Quinsy has made me realize that you can never be to small to make a impact and that its possible to be as amazing as she is in only 2 years of training.  As that racer dude in ‘Turbo’ says

“No dream is to big and no dreamer to small.”

Her story makes me wonder if I had stayed in Austria and kept skiing if I could be as amazing as she is.


For the past couple of weeks the grade 5/6’s have been focusing on poetry. On Friday we looked at the 6 room poem. (I’m not sure if that’s what its called.) In the 1st room you think of something that you enjoy. This is what your poem will be about. In the 2nd room you think of the colors and the lighting of the image you saw in your mind in the first room. In the 3rd room you think of the sounds you can hear. In the 4th room you think of questions you have about you image. In the 5th room you explain your feelings about the image. And in the final room you think of a important word, this you will repeat 3 times through out the poem. Now you construct your poem, this is what I came up with.

I see the colors stacked on the shelf

.Smiggle, Smiggle, Smiggle 

Pink,Purple,Blue,Green,Black piled on the shelf  

 Smiggle, Smiggle, Smiggle

Children’s laughter fills the air

.Smiggle, Smiggle, Smiggle

 Excitement fills my tummy

 Smiggle , Smiggle, Smiggle



Here is another one:

 Dim lighting in the room

Super clay, Super clay, Super clay

The colors Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black,  White

  Super clay, Super clay, Super clay

 Creativeness ran through me 

 Super clay, Super clay, Super clay

Where do you get it from?

Super clay, Super clay, Super clay 


Maths mate

Predict: I think this question will be about the 4 operations.

Read:  Think of a number, divide it by 2 and then add 12. If the result is 20, then what was the original number?

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

My tool: Test all possibilities.

My answer: 36

BTN Hand shake vs fist bump

3 Recalls: There are 30 times more germs on a smart phone than on a toilet seat. There are 400 times more germs on a computer desk than on a toilet seat. A kitchen sponge has 200 000 more germs than a toilet seat.

2 Understandings: Fist bumps delivers 10 times less germs than a hand shake.  High fives delivers 10 times less germs than a hand shake.

1 Question:

Should the world dump hand shakes for  fist bumps?

Spelling city

List : Suffixes













Common:  These words all had suffixes. ( It was after I found what was common that I looked at the name of the list 😉 )

BTN Internet secrets

3 recalls:

80 % of kids say their parents give them good advice when it comes to posting things online. 70% of kids say their parents don’t know what there doing online. Scientists are doing a search which proves kids don’t like showing their parents what they do online.

2 understandings:

Kids don’t like it because they find what they do online is private. Kids find it a lack of trust if their parents are always checking what they do online.

1 question:

Why are kids hiding online activities from the parents? Shouldn’t it be the other way round?