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Going home

“I can’t wait to go home and be in the arms of my loving parents.” Alex the pup said to himself while flying through the sky. It has been ages since Alex has seen his Mum and Dad and was stocked to be going home. But all of this reminded him of his older sister Victoria. Victoria passed away because of food poisoning. Alex had loved her a lot and missed her very much.

Alex smelt the sent of his home (dog have very good noses) town and started to land his big hot air balloon. With his luck he landed right on his parents driveway. “Mum! Dad!” he screamed. “I’m home and I have so much to tell you!” But  no one answered

Alex was running around the streets of his home town like a headless chook. “Mum! Dad! Where are you?” Alex yelled. Over in the distance two dogs (one male, one female) heard his cries. The girl said

“That looks and sounds like Alex!” She said. “But it can’t be.”

“Anythings possible, honey.” Said the boy.

“My baby boy is home.”



“Alex, honey we are over here!” Alex’s Dad yelled. Alex saw them and ran over to them, heart pumping while he was screaming:

“Mum! Dad! I’ve missed you so much!” And they would say:

“Same here! Same here!”

“I’ve got money!” Alex screamed, heart rising. “We can life a happy life!” He through himself into there arms.

“We have missed you so much!” Alex’s Mum told him.”Don’t ever leave home again.”

Authors comments:

In class we worked on tying beginnings to endings( This is when you choose one of the following categories and use them in your first and last paragraph to tie them together: Intense action, sensory description, feeling, intriguing question and sound effects  ) , the paragraph sandwich (the format of a paragraph: Topic sentence, supporting sentence, description sentence X 2  and concluding sentence)  and the 6 traits of writing ( Ideas, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, organization and voice)  I tried to include all of these formats in this piece like in the start and the end paragraph I talked about Alex’s feelings. Feel free to comment anything that you think will make it better.

Term 2 reflection: Chemical change

In term 2 the year 5/6 did their integrated unit on ‘Chemical Change’. So every week 2 scientists from GTAC came into Moonee Ponds Primary school to teach us about changing state, the 4 states of matter and much, much more! I enjoyed this unit very much and I believe I benefited well from it.

3 facts I learnt were:

I learnt many things but here are some of my favorites:

I learnt that the change from a gas to a liquid is called condensation. So say you just had a shower and you didn’t have the fan on so there is a lot of steam in the room. Then the steam hits the mirror and it will go from being hot to being cold. So it will turn into a liquid.

Another thing I learn’t was the interests of gas particles. Gas particles stay a fair way away from each other. They bounce of the walls and of each other when they come into contact with them. When the particles get heated up they move faster and when they get cooled down they move slower.


Another thing I learnt is that a solid can turn into a gas. That change is called sublimation.

2 understandings I now have:

I now understand that it is possible to go from a solid to a gas without going through the step of melting. I understand that that process is called sublimation. I first found sublimation quite weird and didn’t think it was possible but I found a example which explained everything: Dry Ice. Dry Ice does not melt when it is left in the sun, it turns into a gas.


Another understanding I know have is that scientists don’t use all 5 senses in the science lab. In the science lab you look to observe somethings like : color change, size change, shape change, ect. You use your ears to hear bubbling or loud noises or nothing at all. You use hands to feel if something has gone from smooth to rough or vice-verse. And you use your nose to waft of a potion or something similar. You don’t taste anything in case there are dangerous chemicals in it or such.

1 question I still have:

I would like to know if fish would be able to survive on the moon? I would like to know this because I believe there is hydrogen in outer space and in H2O there is Hydrogen and oxygen but we all know fish can’t breathe in oxygen. So I started to wonder weather they would be able to live in outer space and I would like to find out in the future.

fish on the moon

What were the most important things I learnt were:

I think the most important things I learnt were the names of the changing state processes.(Melting, Freezing, Evaporation, Condensation and Sublimation) I believe these will help me throughout life so I can explain the changes of state I observe. This will help me in my P.O.E charts so I can have a good explanation at the end.

How did I learn it: 

I learnt them  by listening to the scientists from GTAC explain it to me and to see how they all worked. I found out that when you make pop-corn the kernel evaporates because the inside of the kernel is water. So when the kernel gets hot the water inside starts to boil until finally there is so much gas inside the kernel that it has to pop.


What am I going to do with what I learnt:

I am going to use this information in the future because I dream of becoming a scientist for GTAC. This is a dream because I quite enjoyed our science unit and would like to do more of it in the future.

Special thanks to:

I would like to say thanks to GTAC for sending us Maria, Jacinta and Chris to teach us about the 4 states of matter and changing state.



If you would like to visit GTAC’S site here is the link:




The day I met Marilyn. Or a close 2nd.

As Alex flew through the sky his black ears flapped in the wind. Alex the cute little pup stuck out his tongue and started to lick the wind. Inside the basket were lots of foods for Alex to snack on until he decided to land his big orange air balloon.

The breeze was beautiful the morning was crisp. It was lovely up in the sky. “ What a wonderful day for flying.” Alex dreamily said to himself. All of a sudden he heard clapping and cheering from down on the ground. “What a racket!” Alex said. “Wonder what it is?” and with that Alex started to land his balloon.

Down on the ground there all sorts of different people. Cats cheering dogs as the came onto a big stage. Some dogs selling food, some more cats sitting around having a laugh. But there was this one dog, on the stage, and Alex thought she was beautiful.

As soon as the pretty dog came of stage Alex went to say hello. “ I thought you were amazing!” Alex said to the other dog. “ Why thank you!” the dog said to Alex. “What’s your name?” she asked asked in wonder. “ I’m Alex.” Alex replied. “ Delightful to meet you and welcome to L.A.” she told him. “I’m Elizabeth Gills.” “ What a wonderful name!” Alex burst.

A bit of a time later…….

   “Yes I would like him to star in the movie with me.” Elizabeth told Dan. (The director of the new movie Elizabeth was in.) “  I suppose he could play the part as Bugsy.” Dan explained. “Woo Hoo! What fun that would be!” Alex added. “We start shooting tomorrow.” Dan reminded them. “Be on set by 7:00.”








Alex and Elizabeth walked to Alex’s hot air balloon. “So you flew all the way here in a hot air balloon?” Elizabeth asked. “ That’s right.” He told her. They stopped because right there in front of them was Alex’s big hot air balloon. “Wow! It’s amazing!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “So Elizabeth……..” Alex began to say, but was cut off. “Call me Liz.” Elizabeth said. “So Liz do you want to come over for breakfast tomorrow?” Alex asked. “ I would love to!” Liz replied.



“This is delirious!” Liz said as she stuffed her face with egg. “You’re a really good cook!” she told him. “Thanks but we better go over to the set.” Alex said. “Your right lets head over there now.”

A long time later……

It took 2 months to finish the movie but it ended out great. There was a lot of drinking cordial and tossing pies, but it was all good fun. But Alex did have to say good bye and return to the sky. The crying, hugging and one little smooch. But Alex took off. I wonder where he will go next?

GTAC lesson 5

On Tuesday the 12 of June Moonee Ponds Primary school had there 5th and final visit from Chris and Maria whom are 2 scientists from GTAC.

3 facts I have learnt are:

The definition of Independent variable, the condition that is changed by the scientist. The definition of dependent variable, what you measure in response to the independent variable and the definition of controlled variable, conditions that are kept the same throughout the experiment.

2 understandings I now have:

I now understand that different things make substances dissolve quicker than others. Like a tablet dissolves better in hot water and not as well in cold water. I understand the difference between all the types of variables.

1 question I still have:

Why does rust form better in different substances?

Thank you to GTAC for sending us Chris, Maria and Jacinta to teach us about chemistry.

GTAC lesson 4 reflection

G-TACOn the 4th of June GTAC scientists, Chris and Jacinta  came into our school to give the year 5/6’s there 4th lesson.

3 facts I learn’t were:

The meaning if irreversible change, a change that can be undone and you can get the original substance back. I learn’t that some changes are reversible but in a complicated way like evaporation. And I learn’t how reversible change is used in science.

2 understandings I now have are:

I now understand why we use reversible change in science, its because its important that we are some times get the original substance back. I also learn’t that some things I thought were irreversible ended up being reversible.

1 question I still have:

Are there any other state changes that are used in reversible change? (other than evaporation.)

Read like a reader

Why did Sophie turn into a witch? Why were Sophie and Agatha friends in the first place? Why did Tedros love Agatha? Why did Agatha have no friends?

I want to know where Sophie and Agatha poofed to in the end. Where did they go? That’s what I want to know.

I visualized things obviously the writer didn’t because it was not on the page. She described how Sophie was turning evil but never said it.

Sophie reminded me of me because she has long blonde hair and I have short blonde hair. She is also determent to get what she wants just like me.

I felt sad when Sophie changed. I liked her at the start but she scared me towards the end. I felt happy for Agatha when Tedros asked her to the ball.

I love this book. I never got bored and it was so hard to put it down. It had a bit of everything: fantasy, action, romance, ect. There was lots of spells, boy drama, running scenes and so much more!school for g and e


The 5 big questions- the school for good and evil

Big question #1- What makes this book good?

The thing that makes this book is the difference between the main characters. Sophie is so positive, beautiful and has so much self confidence but on the other had Agatha does not believe in her self and thinks shes ugly. I also like all the magic. It really makes you visualize.

Big question #2- What would make this book better?

It don’t know what would make this book better since its probably the most action filled, lovey dovey story I have read. Its a perfect book and a 10/10. There so much that happens in this book so there’s a bit of everything. There’s action, magic, romance, suspense. EVERYTHING!

Big question #3-  Whats the 1 most important thing the author wants you to know?

I think there are 2 things that the Soman Chainani wants us to know. Number 1: we need friends to get through life. You wont get any where without a friend to cheer you on. The other message is that sometimes princesses don’t always look like they do in fairy for g and e

Big question #4- Why did the writer write this?

Soman wrote this to inform us that our friends are important and that nothing should break a friendship. Not a boy, not a school. Nothing. It also was to do with the fact that she wanted to entertain us. All the magic, spells and romance were to tell us a good story.

Big question # 5- What does the audience need to know to enjoy this book?

The readers need to know that Sophie and Agatha come from a small village and that their parents don’t care for them all that much. All they have is each other. Agatha takes their friendship very seriously but for Sophie  kind of uses Agatha towards the end.

The 5 facts of fiction- the school for good and evil

Fact number #1- Fiction is all about the character.

Sophie, the main character has beautiful long blonde hair. Her skin is so soft and is a peachy colour. Her eyes blue, but not just any blue, sea blue. Her eyes are the colour of the sea. And she wears this beautiful light purple ball gown.

Fact number #2- Fiction is all about what your character wants.

Sophie has waited all her life to be kidnaped and taken to the school for good but when she gets there things don’t go quite to her plan and she finds her at the school for evil. All she wants is to go to the school for good and to have her true love take her to the evers snow ball.

Fact number #3- Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he or she wants.

Sophie gets her prince at first and he always told her he would prove her good in the trial. But when Tedros finds out Sophie is a witch. The she tries to win her prince back but he has a new love interest.

Fact number #4- Fiction is all about how you character changes.

At the end of the book Sophie learns she is a witch. She has vainy skin, Black warts and a bald head.