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Agatha of the woods beyond (100wc)

‘Could Agatha of the woods beyond please come to the school masters tower. Thankyou!’                                                 Agatha walked out of class and to the school masters tower. She went up the stairs to see what he need. Once she got to the top she steped inside.

‘Ive been expecting you.’ rung the voice of the school master.

‘I understand.’Agatha replied. ‘What do you need from me?’

‘I am sorry to say but you have been expelled from the school for good.’ the school master told her.

‘But where will I go?’ Agatha asked, shaking.

‘The school for evil for all I care.’


Math mate sheet 5

Predict: I predict this will be about ‘code cracking.’

Read: Each letter represents a different  digit from 1 to 9. If R = 8 what does FOUR stand for?

Clarify: Nothing to clarify

My Tool: Trial and error

Solve: First I thought what plus what equals 8? I figured out that was 4. Then I thought that it might equal 6. And it did. Then this one had to have a carry and a 4 had to be put down the bottom so I made it 14.

Answer: 1468maths

GTAC lesson 3

On Monday the 26t of May Moonee Ponds Primary School’s year 5/6’s had their 3rd lesson with GTAC. Chris and Maria helped us with the ‘Mixing Substances.’

3 facts I remember are that H2O is the atoms in water and it stands for 2 Hydrogen, Oxygen. Ethane is 2 carbon atoms and 6 hydrogen atoms. Ethanol is 2 carbon atoms 1 oxygen atoms and 7 hydrogen atoms.

2 things I understand are that ethane does not dissolve in water. Salt is made out of chlorine atoms and sodium atoms and also dissolves.

1 question I still have is why doesn’t hydrogen not merge with more hydrogen?

GTAC lesson 2

It was Wednesday to 14th of May when Moonee Ponds Primary School’s year 5/6’s had their 2nd  visit from GTAC. (Gene Technology Accesses Centre). Chris and Jacinta taught us lots about the gas state.

We did a activity and then took notes in our P.O.E (Predict, Observe, Explain) chart. The activity we did was get a jug full of water and put a ping pong ball inside. Then we had to put a plastic cup on top of the ball and push down.

Today I learnt how liquid and gas partials don’t mix well and how water partials give way to gas partials. When we pushed the cup down all the water moved, so there was no water in the cup and the ball fell to the bottom of the jug.

I now understand that the partials in the gas state don’t mix with the partials in the liquid state. I also understand that gas partials speed up when there warm and slow down when they are cold.

I still want to know why some gases are deadly and others aren’t?   SAM_3269

Education week ‘Scientists do amazing things’

On Wednesday the 21st of May 5/6B had their 1st visit to G-TAC. (Gene technology accesses centre.) We decided to go today to represent education week. The theme was ‘scientist do amazing things’. When we arrived there were many wonderful scientists  ready to teach us about ‘ Changing State’.  We slipped on our lab coats and got ready to work.

Some of the facts I found interesting were that changing from a gas to a liquid is called condensation. I found out that there is water inside a popcorn carnal so that when it is put over heat the water boils and evaporates and that makes the popcorn BURST! Another fact we learned is that water (a liquid) is not always as clean as it seems. We looked at water samples under a stereo ( microscope with 2 lenses) microscope. There were all sorts of bugs in our water.

I now understand that not all bacteria is bad for you, it all depends on where the bacteria is. There is a bacteria in your stomach that helps you digest food and it is good for you there but if we eat it things won’t turn out great. I also understand that there is 5 different ways to change state. These 5 ways are melting, evaporation, condensation, freezing and sublimation.

I still wonder what will happen if liquid nitrogen came in contact with the sun? Will it boil and evaporate? Or will the sun freeze?      G-TAC

Tying begings to endings

While the year 5’s were at naplan the year 6’s worked on tying beginnings to endings. We learnt about the different sentence sequences being things like feeling,intense action, ect. With the beginnings and endings we made, we wrote the middle of the story. Now I have the story here to show you.


       The scariest time of my life.

The fire was orange and yellow, my basket was warm, my fur was glossy and soft, what a perfect time for a afternoon nap.

I wondered around in circles  patting my blanket it was so soft and so fluffy. I curled in a ball and wrapped my tail around me and softly started to snore.

I was sleeping there, the fire keeping me warm. It was lovely sleeping in my basket which was keeping me safe. I would stay there forever if I could. It was so comfy and so peaceful. I felt like I was never going to leave.

I was sleeping there, dreams and memories rushing through my head. What a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon. Sleeping in front of the fire while it was snowing outside, when suddenly I heard a BANG!

I jumped up in fright. My tail was stiff. The ground started to shake, all the pictures were falling off the walls, and vases were wobbling off tables, all the pots and pans in the kitchen were banging around. A terrible noise filled the air. I didn’t know what it was but it was enough to scare me to death.

Everything was moving and changing. I tried to find a hiding spot but something would fall on top of me in most places. Finally I decided to hide underneath the couch. When will it all be over?

After my big fright and the ground stopped shaking I came out from under the couch and tried to settle down. But it was hard. What if the noise came back? And if so what on earth did it want from me?


G-TAC reflection

It was Tuesday the 6th of May when Moonee Ponds Primary School had their 1st visit from two G-TAC scientists in the science lab. Chris and Maria taught us about how solids and liquids behave differently.

We did lots of different activities to explore how the atoms, molecules and partials worked. The first activity we did, we had to put play dough in a bottomless cup and take it to the other side of the room using tongs! In the 2nd activity we had to take a rubber band to the other side of the room with a cup, but it was not allowed to sit in the cup or on the bottom of the cup and in the 3rd  challenge we had to put most of the partials of a foam cup into a plastic cup and take it to the other side of the room.

Today I learnt about the particles in solids and liquids and how different they are.  I learnt about  why they are tightly packet or how loosely packet. I learnt about how some liquids are stickier than others.

I now understand that the particles in a solid very attracted to each-other and that’s why they are always together. I also understand that the particles in a liquid are still attracted to one anther but there not as fond of each other so they stop shake hands and move on. But in a solid they are with each-other all the time.

I still have 4 questions though. Like if in a rubber band the atoms are tightly packet because it’s a solid but how does it stretch? Is heat a plasma like the sun? do all solids have the same percentage of atoms? How many different types of atoms are there?     DSC_0013

Term 1 reflection 2014

This term the year 5/6 at Moonee ponds primary school studied and learnt about, the 3 levels of government, the road to federation and issues in Australia. With our issues we wrote a letter to whom it concerned, for example I am writing to Mr.G.Hunter (the environment minister) about the rain forest cutting in Tasmania.

3 Things I remember:


1.The fact that all of the states in Australia sends many numbers a of representatives an d the territories (Northern territory and Canberra) only send 2 representatives for each house!

2  I found it surprising when I found out that W.A (Western Australia) and Queensland were not always part of the Australian commonwealth. This means that they didn’t have a government and they didn’t follow the same rules as the rest of the country.

3 I found it interesting when I was on my own working on the rain forests in Tasmania. I found out that some of the trees in there are over 5000 years old! This i found very surprising because the minister of Tasmania wants to cut these trees down! 🙁

2 Understandings I now have:

1  I understand that every one (over the age of 18) votes for a minister. That minister has to contribute peoples ideas to parliament. That way everyone gets heard through one voice.

2 I understand that there is a minister for pretty much everything. There’s one for education, environment, health, welfare, ect.

1 Question or Wondering I still have:

1 Are they going to stop the rain forest cutting in Tasmania?

What is the most important thing I learnt?:

1 The most important thing I learnt is that parliament and whose in charge is a big fuss for sum people because they want someone they trust to be in charge and if they don’t get who they voted for, there will be lots of arguments through out the country.

How did I learn it?: 

1 I learnt it through ‘Behind the news’ a program that the year 6’s in my class use for a homework assignment.

What am I going to do with it?:

1 I am going to use it in the future so I can vote for the right person responsibly. 🙂   

100wc Me as a Bee!

I was lieing there on the cold floor boards, my wing broken, eyes shut. All I could feel were soft pokes. What was happening to me? How far away from home was I? I opened my eyes but then quickly shut them as light blinded me. All I could do was lie there hoplessly. I opened my eyes aqain and saw two tiny men with sticks, pokeing me. I looked down and my stinger was gone. What did I do? Where did it go? I just cant remember. I had to leave. Find my family. Go home. Try life again.

BTN Kids with asthma

3 Facts: over 200 million people in the world have asthma. It is most common here in Australia. It is world asthma day on the 26th of may.

2 understandings: I understand tha you can have a asthma attack when you do to much sport, when your around dust, or when you get sick. I understand that you can develop asthma over time.

1 question: How do you develop asthma?