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Look! Look up! Can you see?

Look! Look up! Can you see?  Flying pigs for you and me!

Look! Look up! A big fat cat on that mat!

Look! Look down at the ground! A big fat cow! Big and round!

Look! Look there! I think I see a flying bear!

Look! Look at me! I’m as crazy as can be!

Look! Look right here! Can you see? That’s a big sphere!

Look look now! I think I see more fat cows!

Look, Look, Look! Here and there. Let’s just look every where! Joyful things here, happy things there, all sorts of things everywhere! Just LOOK!

100 word challenge night zoo keeper

I ran post the tigers cage. BOOM! I stop and hold my breath. None of them wake up. ‘Few’. I say  and keep on running. I hate my job as a night zoo keeper. It’s always dark and I hate the dark plus there are to many violent animals that if I wake will rip me to pieces. I run away quickly. This is so scary. At night facing death. Maybe I should just quit. That’s it I should quit. Who wants to risk there life taking care of animals? ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh!’


3 facts: the plain was from Malaysia air lines, the plan crashed with no signals and the plan went missing with Aussies on board.

2 understandings: I understand many country’s of the world are looking For the plain and I know that the plain crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

1 wondering: I wonder if they will ever find the plain? 

Road to federation 2

I loved working on this. We had to find information and put it in one note using our note taking skills. After-wards we had to put it in our own words (Road to federation post 1). Then we had to get in to groups of 3 (James, Madeline and I). And this is what we made.

Rips BTN

3 Facts : Rips are deadly. Rips kill about 90 people a year. Rips are more deadly than sharks.

2 Understandings: I understand that being dragged out to sea in a rip is not what kills you. I understand Rips usually take place where there are no waves.

1 wondering: I wonder how rips form?

Math Mate 6-1

Predict: I predict this will be about the 4 operation.

Read: Jo spent $53 on tulips and orchids. The tulips cost $6 each and the orchids cost $7 each. If she bought 8 flowers in all how many tulips will she buy?

Clarify: nothing to clarify.

My tool: Trial and error

Big question: how many tulips did she buy?

Answer: 2

Summary: This took a lit while and I think this answer is possibly wrong. 🙁

Road to Federation


Australia started of with 6 colonies: Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The main laws from all the colonies were made by the British rulers back in the United Kingdom.

In 1872 telegraphs (A type of mail) linked all the colonies and the idea of being Australian was celebrated through out Australia in songs and many poems. But Western Australia was not so happy about this.

Western Australia ( W.A) was not always a part of the Australian Commonwealth? It means they did not follow all of the same rules. They didn’t think voting for a government/prime minister  was the best thing for them.

Western Australia did join the commonwealth though. They joined the commonwealth because when they had their gold rush all the people from the other colonies came, so after spending so much time socializing with people from other colonies they decided to join the commonwealth.

But before all this, in 1898, a referendum took place  so that people in the nations  could vote on the ruler. Queensland and Western Australia did not vote or get in on the action. Have you heard about Edmund Barton and the others? Lets learn about them now.

Henry Parkes was the premier of New south wales. This means he was the first to rule New south wales.  He  was the ruler of New South Wales 5 times and one of the most prominent men in  parlerment. In October 1889 in a meeting called Tenterfield Address  he asked for the colonies to ‘unite and create a great national government for all Australia’.

Lord Hopetoun was the first governor general.  This means he was the chief representative of the Crown in a Commonwealth country of which the British monarch is head of state.


Edmund Barton was the first prime minister of Australia. This means he was the first federal government.eb


Alfred Deaken was the colonial politician. This means he was a   politician from a certain colony.

Box of jelly beans

Predict- I predict it will be about multiplication and division.


Clarify-  Nothing to clarify.

Big questions- How many flavors are in the box?, How many beans are it the box?,  How would you make your own box design.

Mathematicians tool box- Trial and error , guess check and improve, test all possibilities.

Answer- 1. 36 flavors. 2. 126 beans. 3.


Summery- This took Erica and i a while but we got there! 🙂

We got the amount of beans wrong. 🙁

BTN To much sugar in our daily drinks

3 recalls: There is more sugar than expected in most drinks, not every drink you think is healthy is,  you should always think before you drink.

2 understandings: Fruit juice has lots of sugar in it, to much sugar can lead to diabetes and similar illnesses.

1 wondering: why is there so much sugar in our drinks?????

math mate sheet 5

Predict- I predict this will be about addition.

Read- Enter numbers in the circles so that the numbers on each line equal the numbers at each end.

Clarify- Nothing to clarify.

Big question-    Make it so each line equal the numbers at each end.

My tool- guess check and improve.

Answer- 6, 9,11

Summary- It took me a while but practice makes perfect!