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behind the news

3  Facts: Quantas is a big air line. Quantas is dropping 5000 jobs. with all the jobs they don’t make a profit.

2 Understandings: I understand there dropping the jobs to make more profit. I understand that they are at risk of shutting down.

1 Wondering: I wonder what would happen if  plan B failed?

Math mate sheet 3

Predict-I predict it will be about weight.

Read- using the diagrams to calculate the weight of one black sphere.

Big question- find out the weight of one black sphere.

My tool- guess check and improve.

Answer- 2

Solve- split 16 in half and then split that into 4 different groups.

Summary.- this was easy for me but others may think differently.


Pushing through the earth the little mole dug to get to his family were they alright? Had the loud noise scared them? Or even worse had it killed them? The poor mole, heat thumping , dug and dug and dug. His paws bleeding from all the gravel hurt like crazy! But he did not care. All he wanted was to see his family’s gleaming face’s. He  ferociously dug, sick with worry. Why to day?! Any day but today. Why couldn’t this all happened after thy all perished?  All he is wishing for right now is to see his family together. Safe and sound again.

Math mate sheet 2 term 1

Predict: I predict this will be about addition

Read:  1 7

+ 48



My tool: guess check and improve

The big question : what are the missing numbers?

Solve: 7 + ? = 9 = 2

? + 8 =  ?= 5,3

1 + 1 + 4  =?= 6

Summary: This takes some practice but practice makes perfect!


Alex flew through the sky towards the clearing for his house. He was going to have a party! He has Hamish with him to take to his house. He was having a party because he had just graduated from puppy school! He is going to puppy primary afterwards and he couldn’t wait to get there! He reached the clearing for his house. He went through the clearing which is filled with trees and wild flowers. He arrived to his beautiful home on the hill side . He went  in to set up. He couldn’t wait for his friends to come!

100 wc # 21

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer and Alex the pup was traveling in his huge hot air balloon to get to his puppy training meeting. He is graduating from puppy school! It’s a huge event for all the graduates of 2014! Alex is going to meet up with his best friend Hamish and take him to the special occasion. Alex is so excited but puppy school was on the other side of the country! That’s why Alex travels by air. There isn’t any traffic in the air so Alex always gets there very quickly! Alex moves on to  puppy primary school after this! He can’t wait!


Super spell results

Spelling skills established.

  • Verb ending

Spelling skills partly established

  • Long vowel sounds- vowel diagrams
  • Long vowel sounds- single letters
  • Long vowel sounds- silent e ending
  • Vowel digraphs- diphthongs
  • Diphthongs- vowels before r
  • Silent consonants
  • Soft consonant sounds c and g
  • Harder plurals

Spelling skills not established

  • None