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Dear Lee / application.

Dear Lee and all my class mates for 2014,

My name is India and I have many qualities I can bring to 5/6 B for 2014. I am a joyful person who is always ready to help all who need assistance and I have a loud voice so I can make loud announcements whether it be in the classroom or at assembly.

I am a joyful and enthusiastic person. I always love to meet new people and I am always full of energy. I can run 3 kilometers and still be a peppy and optimistic as before.

I am a person who loves helping anyone in need. I am a person who cares for every one, even if I don’t really consider them as a friend. I also enjoy helping teachers if needed. I can clean, tidy and anything else if needed.

I have a loud voice so I  make presentations well. I could make a announcement and any one in the world would be able to hear me. Also in this case i can read a cue card. A cue card being a strip of paper with dot points of what your meant to say on them.

So in conclusion I am a peppy, helpful person with a loud voice great for making announcements.