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I remeber you? (100 wc) week 13

“What a lovely night.” Hannah said to Jason.
“I know it’s beautiful.” Jason replied. BANG!!!!, “What was that?” Jason asked.
“I don’t know.” Hannah replied. “But if I had to guess I would say we are being watched.” Hannah continued. A man stepped out of nowhere.
“Hello Jason.” he said.
“How do you know me?” Jason asked. “Wait a minute. I know you! Another figure stepped out of the dark. It was a girl.
“Of course you know him, Jason.” Said the girl.
“I know you.” Hannah said with disbelief. “Kathleen?” Hannah exclaimed.
“ You’re coming with us.” Whispered Kathleen.

How to live in the wild



  • A bunch of wood sticks.
  • Rope
  • A hook



  1. Gather all the equipment you need. ( everything listed above.)
  2. Get all the sicks and make a pile but leave 2 sticks out of the pile.
  3. With the 2 sticks left behind you need to rub them together so a fire will start.
  4. Once the fire has started add the 2 sticks to the pile so the fire will spread.
  5. Now that the fire has started you can cook.
  6. Get the hook and the rope.
  7. Find a dead branch.
  8. Once you have found a dead branch get the hook and attach it to one side of the branch so that you have a spear.
  9. With the spear you need to head to the nearest lake.
  10. Once you’re at the lake try and poke a fish with the spear so you can cook it on the fire you made 6 steps ago.
  11. Once you have got a fish take it back to your fire to cook it so it will be edible.
  12. Once you are back at your fire you need to find another dead branch.
  13. Now you have your 2nd branch put on the end and hold it over the fire so the fish will cook.
  14. Once the fish has been cooked tare off edible pieces and make sure you don’t eat any bones.
  15. Find a safe spot. ( Not necessarily were your fire is.)
  16. Now you have a found somewhere safe get some leaves so that you have a huge pile off leaves to sleep in. ( Make sure it’s a decant size.)
  17. Repeat un till a family member or a friend comes to save you.

100 wc

You may have lost your parents but that does not mean you can stop living your life. Your life may be unhappy but that can change.  You may think Typhoon Haiyan ruined your life but your life but it didn’t. It’s never too late to live a happy life. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Live life. Do whatever you want! Your dreams can come true. Very true. If you believe in anything it can happen! Wishes do come true! As long as you believe, in yourself. In your dreams. In anything. Anything, as crazy or wild, will come very true. Anything.


Math mate

predict: I predict this will be about Roman numerals.

read: move one match so that the equation is correct.


clarify: nothing to clarify.

Big question: Move one match   so that the equation is correct.

Mathematicians tool box: guess check and improve.

solve: You take the vertical line from the plus signal and add it to what you are taking away, so it looks like this-


Summery if you know your roman numerals you will be fine

My trip to G-TAC.

On the 31st of October I went to G-TAC with most of my class mates. We used public transport to get there and we had to have our ‘Myki’ toped up so we can pay for transport.

Once we got there we found out that one of the staff members that work at G-TAC was in Germany so other staff members had to look after her dog Elfie. He kept escaping the yard! So it was our job to look through microscopes at leafs, seeds, bugs, feathers and 4 different water samples to find out where he was going. It was so cool! We found living life in the water!

We also got to eat at a high school canteen! We were also got to buy things! I didn’t but anything but we were allowed to. There were so many things to buy! I wish I was going to that high school.

After my group and I solved the case we all got our licence to zoom. It means we could use a microscope.

It was a fun and any student studying forensic science would be happy to travel to G-TAC.


Winter sports is awsome! :)

” Winter sports has been the best thing since sliced bread!” Alex the cute little puppy from Puppy Primary told his best friend Hamish another cute puppy also from puppy primary. ” I know! you and I are in soccer together. but sliced bread is a little bit old don’t you think?” Hamish said to Alex. ” Ok, maybe, but   we did smash those puny little kitty’s from kitty elementary school! Alex screamed happily. ” Yeah! Talking about winter sports, I can’t wait until our last game on Friday against dogs and cats collage!” Hamish  told Alex while they walked to class.

“Hey are you talking about winter sports?” Emily the pretty puppy asked and joined the conversation. ” Ah, ha. Want to talk with us?” Alex asked Emily. Did you know on Friday were against dogs and cats college?”

Meeting Super Hen! Part 1

“Hi Miss Cloud!” Super Hen said as he sped through the sky. ” You’re an idiot!” Mr . Cloud yelled at Super Hen. “You have no proper tools in that bright blue  tool belt!” he screamed. ” So what!” Super Hen argued. ” All I need is a lolly pop!” he yelled with pride and sped towards town.

Super Hen is very stupid and idiotic hen. He has a huge family including-

  • Super Mum (his wife)
  • His 3 children, Lip gloss, Enoiyo and Baby Chick.
  • Super Mum’s mother lives with them so we can’t forget GRANDMA! (Also known as the “Chop Stick Lady).


Super Mum and Super Hen met at a farm dance 20 years ago. Super Mum is 49 years old and enjoys being with the whole family. Her blonde hair makes her stand out in big crowds and she is always wearing a pink cape.

Lip Gloss is a 12 year old chicken with 2 younger brothers so she spends most of the time with her Mum or with friends from school. Her green hair and pink eyes make her very noticeable.

Enoiyo is a extremely annoying 7 year old chicken with tall and fuzzy bright red hair, he stands out every where he goes. He only has one friend which is expected.

Baby Chick was rescued from prison by the Hen family and has lived with them ever since. He has bright orange feathers which makes him very noticeable.

Well these guys are a very odd family. In the next story you will read all about the family’s friends.


How to make the PERFECT speech!

You will need-

Perfect sized cue cards

Self confidence

A topic to talk about

A computer (to do research on)



1.Choose a appropriate topic to talk about in your speech.

2. Study your topic to get usable information to include in your speech.

3. Once you have chosen the information to include in your speech, make cue cards the size of your palm. Make sure you only have dot points on your cue cards like this-

  • Vegetables
  •  Fruit
  • Water

Not every word your going to say!

4. Practice your speech! Make sure you preform and include the following things-

  • Pauses (At appropriate times)
  • Make sure you project your voice (So its loud)
  • Make sure you don’t hesitate! (People will think you did not practice your speech!)
  • Be prepared to answer any questions your audience might have.
  • Make eye contact. (Eye contact is very important)
  • Don’t put your hands in your pockets! It gets very distracting!
  • Make sure the language you use is descriptive and persuasive.

5. Do your speech exactly how you’ve practised and you will give the best speech!



Math mate term 4 sheet 5 :)

Predict: I predict this will be about problem solving + all 4 operations.

Read: Fill in the missing numbers to produce correct equations in every row and column.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Big question: Make sure the answer in every row and column is correct,

Mathematicians tool box: Guess check and improve.

Solve: I started with 8 minus 1 because it was the only question completely written. the answer is 7 so I put 7 in the answer box. Then it says 3 + ? = 7 I know that 3+4 = 7 so I put 4 in the blank box. Then it said ?-1 =1 in knew that 2-1=1 so I put 2 in the blank box. Now it says ?-2=3. I knew 5-2=3 so I put 5 in the blank box. Last it said 5+?=8. I know that 5+3 = 8 so I put 3 in the blank box.

Summery: This question can be time consuming but after a while it gets easier.


Wilton krogman

In grade 5/6 c we are doing a mini project on a forensic scientist and this is some information on Wilton Krogman that I collected…

I will be telling you about Wilton Krogman. He was born in June on the 28th in 1903. Wilton was a forensic anthropologist. For those of you that don’t know what a forensic anthropologist is then think of the TV show CSI other-wise known as crime scene investigations. What he did was use science to analyse bones to see who the bones belong too. He worked solving major crimes in the USA and set the standards for all the forensic investigators who follow in his footsteps. Not only did he work on modern crimes he was also involved in establishing and identifying ancient bones. He actually identified bones belonging to Egyptian pharaohs. For those of you that don’t know a pharaoh is a ruler of ancient Egypt. Wilton’s interest in forensic anthropology began when he was a child when he and his brother found the skeleton of a horse. As his interest grew he studied at the university of Chicago. After graduating he worked as a lab technician for Eliot Pess and was involved in the arrest of Al Capone, The world’s most famous gangster. He also thought at 2 different university’s and his findings are still used by forensic investigators throughout the world today. He died on the 4th of November 1987 as a 84 year old man. If you would like to expand on your knowledge internet explorer has many websites about Wilton Krogman. Thank you for listening I hope you learnt something new.