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Math mate sheet 3 :)

Predict: I predict this will be about ‘BODMAS’.
Read: Think of a number. Double that number and add 4 so that the answer is 20. What was the original number?
Clarify: Nothing to clarify.
Big question: What is the original number?
Mathematicians tool box: Work backwards.
Solve: Minus 4 from 20 and the equals 16. Then split 16 into 2 and the equals 8. That means 8 is your answer.
Summary: If you follow the steps above and you will be able to finish this problem in no time

The storm. 100 wc #9

The violent storm was pounding at the ground all over the world! Alex the pup was in his magical universe watching the whole thing on T.V. It looked horrible. Alex was sitting on the sofa with his friend Hamish, eyes wide. Mouths open. The two of them sat there watching the rain fall along with the hail. The thunder was so loud and the lighting was always there. The sky looked like it was plunging to the ground. Alex gazed at the T.V. in the biggest and greatest galaxy in the universe has storms? Alex was glad to be home.

Math mate term 4 sheet 2 :)

Predict: I predict it about the order of operations.

read: Think of a number, add 9 to that number and then x (multiply) that by 3 and the answer is 30. what is the original number?

Clarify: nothing to clarify.

Big question: what is the original number?

Mathematicians toolbox: test all possibility’s and work backwards.

Solve : I needed to find out what you times by 3 so that it = (equals)30. The answer is 10 so what number under 10 do I have to add 9 to so it equals 10? The answer is 1. so 1 is the answer.

Summery: this question could be pretty tricky but if you get some help from your Mum and Dad the first couple of times (or from my blog) you will find it easy.

Math mate :) term 4 sheet 1

Predict: I predict that this problem will be about the order of operations.

Read: I think of a number, subtract 5 and then divide by 3. If the result is 6, what was the original number?

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Big question: The big question is what was the original number?

Mathematicians toolbox: Guess check and improve.

Solve: I  added 5 to 6 witch equals 11. you cant put 11 into three groups equally so  I added 1 continuously until I could. I got this answer wrong.

Summary: the answer I got was 13 but the actual answer was 23. next time I will take a different approach with this question.

the hallaween zoo

It was a dark a foggy night when Alex the pup was flying over the zoo in his hot air balloon. He saw some green, orange and purple lights coming from the zoo and wanted to know what they were so found an empty pen to land his big balloon.


Once on the ground he heard scary music and lots of screaming and laughing. He went to see what was going on  so headed towards the lights. He saw the building and walked towards it. He turns back. It might be scary.


He’s up in the sky. Never to return.

The day of the girl 2013

Today is the international day of the girl. The theme of today is education.



I learnt that girls from other countries girls at  the age of 8 are being forced to get married so that there family gets enough money for them to live. They are forced to marry men a least 10 years older than them.


I feel extremely sad and worried for and about the girls who have to face this problem. It is something I am glad I don’t need to worry about happening in my own life.


I would like to be involved with charity’s that prevent this from happening .     

100 #6

Alex flu over the sky  as he looked down and was surprised to see a polar bear at the ANZ bank taking out $ 1000000!!! Alex also saw a penguin on a date with a kitten. He started laughing and laughing and laughing. He looked down again and saw a turtle playing hockey with a fox and raccoon! He laughed even more. He wished he could show it to his friends Emily and Hamish. He got out his fur brush to brush his nice long ears. Of course a dog has to brush his ears after a laugh attack. Lol.

Term 3 project reflection.

This term I did my project on Abigail (Abby) Allwood. Abby is a 40 year old women who works for NASA. I learnt a lot about her university years.


3 facts I found interesting:


Abigail works at NASA. NASA is a place in America that uses robots to find life or water on other planets that are suitable for human beings to live on.

She is involved in a space launching in 2020. There will be a launching to mars in 2020 to see if they can find living life or water. Ever since Abigail was little she loved hearing about fossils and ever since she has been interested in the developing life on earth.


She was in university for 8 years. Abigail went to university for 8 years. She said it was really fun. The first topic she studied was physics. After words she decided she didn’t like maths and started geology.

2 understandings:

I understand that you say NASA, NASA not N A S A. I used to say N A S A instead of NASA. I was told that was wrong when I was rehearsing my recorded interview for my project with my grandma Cherill.

I understand that it takes a lot of work and studying to become a since  explorer. I look up to Abigail and someday I want as smart and amazing as her. She has spent most of her life concentrating on since and other planets and now she works for some where, were she  learns about things she likes.



1 wondering

I wonder if Abigail will make any life changing studies that everyone will know about.  Abigail is a great geologist and I believe she can do something amazing for the world so that us normal people will know about different things going on in space.



The most important things I learnt were:

It takes a long time to do something amazing like a space launching. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of studying  so that everything runes smoothly so that we can find out more about other planets and galaxies.


How did I learn it:

By sending Abigail an email. I got a quick response and  she was really friendly and didn’t mind sending me pictures and answering my questions.


What am I going to do with what I have learnt: tell people so they also can find out about the different planets in our galaxy.


The overall project was really fun to do but it was challenging at times like at the start of the project I couldn’t find any information.