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100 word challenge #3

I saw the bright light as I put my 100 word challenge fish in the esky. I wonder what eals this thing can do? I know that it can spit out storys that are 100 words long but can it do any thing eals? I met a guy who works for the 100 word challenge and gets bord of sending comments. maybe this can do it for him? Well maybe I can find him and give him the 100 word challenge fish so he can find out? Yeh. That’s a good idea. That’s what I am going to find him.

My 2D and 3D shapes reflection

There are many connections between 2D and 3D shapes and we learnt a lot about prisms and pyramids. 3D shapes are made of lots of different 2D shapes. For example a cube is made of 6 squares that make the faces of this 3D shape.


Yesterday we partnered up and chose a 2D shape and that would be the base of our prism or pyramid. We had to make sure that our shapes had the exact angle and so. We had to do this without nets so really we made 3D shapes from scratch.


predict- I predict it will be about subtraction.

read- Ian started with the same number of marbles as his brother Francis. After winning 4 marbles from Francis, Ian realises he now has twice as many marbles as his brother. How many marbles does Ian have now?

clarify- nothing to clarify.

big question- how many marbles does Ian have now?

math tool box- test all possibilities.

solve-  say you start with them both having 6 marbles each. give 4 to Ian and take 4 of Francis. that does not work so double 6 and now they have 12 marbles each. take 4 of Francis and give 4 to Ian. so Francis has 8 marbles and Ian has 16. now THAT works.

summery- as I say many weeks I enjoy doing problems like the one above. give it a try and you shall get the hang of it real quick.

100 WC #2

There was something at the end of my rod. I try to pull it in but it’s to heavy  . Alex wonders what kind of fish he has caught. Is it a moustache fish?  Is it a 100 word challenge fish? Well in the world of random you shall never know till it comes in. Alex keeps on pulling and pulling and YES! It jumps out of the water and into the fishing boat. It turns out to be a 100wc fish. He gets out his sheet of paper and the fish makes a story of 100 words appear. MAGICAL!

math mate sheet 7 term 3

predict- I predict it will be about subtraction-.

read- Jim and his little sister Rachel were born at the same time of year but 5 years apart. there were 25 candles on the cake this year. how old is Rachel?

clarify- nothing to clarify.

big question- how old is Rachel?

math tool box- test all possibilities.

solve- split the 10 in half  so there both at least 10 years old. Now add the extra 5 years to Jim’s 10. now Rachel is 10 and Jim is 15.

summery- this is a question to get used to but when you get the hang it is easy!

100 wc #1

Suddenly I heard a crack. It was loud, it was sudden.  I think it was a safety  on a gun. Next I hear a bullet. It hit something. I’m not sure what. My hiding place under  the  ground is very good. It protects me from everything that happens above. It is great to be a tinny kitten in war time because  I can fit in lots of hiding places. I hear another gunshot. This time there is a reaction. Someone screams and shouts. They repeat the same words. “I have been shot!” cries a man.  I just don’t understand war.

Over the hill….

As I climbed up the hill I heard a gunshot. Loud and clear. I knew who the Nazis were killing. My family. I used to live on a farm.  With kind cows, horses, sheep, dogs and people. There was also my mother and my sister.


When the Nazis came I was told to run. My family said they’d be fine. Since I was the youngest I did not argue. The Nazis came and burnt the barn and the farm house. I ran. My sister ran after me. She was shot.


Now I am here running up this hill side. Trying not to think of my family and what is happening to them. I hear more gun shots. Their coming from behind me.  Am I being chased? Or has one of the children survived? I don’t look back. I don’t want to. I don’t need to.


I run into the forest at the top of the hill. I remember that I had been here before. When I was a kitten. My family was lost here. Then the farmers saved us.


I run into the city. It’s dark and cold, but I have been running for ages now and its night. I decided to go to the butcher. That’s where I was born. The butcher used to feed me.


Yes. My basket is still out the back of the butcher’s shop. Still with all my blankets in it. I go in and curl up in a ball. Tomorrow I’ll keep on going. If I’m still alive.

The next morning I wake up with a shock. I’ve just been splashed with cold water. I look at the butcher. It’s a girl. She looks like she’s 30 years old. But she did not own the shop when I was little. “ Scram!” she screams. I run off never to return.


I run for my life. Everything in my  life has changed. I bet I’m the only cat in Poland going through this kind of thing. I prefer to be lost in the wood again. At least I will have my family.


I run into a girl. She gets shot right in front of me. But she does not fall. She picks me up and runes away.