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Math mate! :) term 3 sheet 6

prediction: I predict it will be about adding.

read: There are 22 students in the class, there are 4 more girls. how many girls are there?

clarify: nothing to clarify.

math tool: guess, check and improve

the big question: how many girls?

solve: make sure there are 6 girls and 6 boys. so double 6 = 18. so then there are 4 people left. and there all girls.

summery: this can be hard but it gets easier.

Term 3 project!

Hello world!

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math mate!

predict- I think it will be about patterns

Read- Mike and Anna have 20 stamps altogether. Mike has 4 more stamps that Anna. How many stamps does Anna have?

clarify- nothing to clarify

math tool- test all possibilities

big question- how many stamps does Anna have

solve- give them 5 each. then give them 3. then give Mike the extra 4.

summery- its really fun to figure out a sum like this one.


100 wc

The train went through the tunnel and I held my breath because I knew what I was about to see. Dorothy’s dress. I was going to the Hollywood costume exhibition. I was thrilled. It had been my favourite movie since I was little. Dorothy was my favourite character.  And here I am about to see the dress she wore and the ruby slippers. I can imagine they have lost some colure.  But I don’t care.  There my favourite. I cant wait. I’m here. On my way. In the city. About to do something I will only get to do once.

math mate term3 sheet 4.

predict: I predict this is about patterns.

read: netball players are standing in a circle, 3 is opposite 11 how many players are in the circle?

clarify: nothing to clarify.

the big question: how many players are in the circle?

solve: draw a diagram with 3 opposite 11 and put numbers next to them until you get the right answer.

Summery: it’s a kinda hard, but it gets easier .

The huge kitty!

The huge kitty with human feet walked along the beach. Every one streaked. Every child cried. But the kitty kept on going. He was looking for love. A human that didn’t scream or cry when he passed. Someone who said something like “ What a lovely thing! I’ll take it home with me.”. Then he heard someone said some words he did not understand since he was a cat. “ Ahhh! Look at that ugly thing! Kill it, put it the zoo or jail or somewhere where it can’t hurt my poochie!” he hoped the lady said what lovely site.

my heart was beating incredibly fast.

“My heart was beating incredibly fast when I was on the roller coaster at the park. I was so scared I wanted to vomit!” Alex told his best friend Hamish. “ Are you serious? I have always wanted to go on that! So was it fun? Hamish asked. “Yah pretty cool, but there fairy floss was the best but when I was on the roller coaster it felt like a bomb was about to go of in my chest! No joke.” Alex said. “ Wow  I knew hearts could beat fast but not that fast! Maybe I will go soon.”

math mate sheet 1 term 3

predict: I predict it will

read:  rugby players numbered 1 to 12 are in a circle. what player is opposite number 3?

clarify: nothing to clarify.

mathematicians tool box: guess check and improve.

big question: what number is opposite number 3?

solve:  visualise a clock.

summery: try your best and it will be right! p.s the answer is 9.

math mate term 3 sheet 2!

predict: I predict it will be about missing numbers.

read: 16_+ 555+ _49 =?

clarify: nothing to clarify.

mathematicians tool box: guess check and improve.

big question: what are the missing numbers?

solve: add ? and 5 to make a 9 then 6 and 5 and then 1 and 5 to get your answer.

summery: this question gets easer with some practice!


predict: I predict that this is about patterns.

read:  a number of cricket players are standing in a circle.  they are evenly spaced and the 2nd player is opposite the 6th. how many players in the circle?

the big question: how many people are in the circle?

mathematicians tool box: the strategy I used was guess check and improve.

solve: well I drew a picture of evenly spaced numbers and made sure 2 and 6 were opposite.

summery: this was a hard thing to accomplish and on my first try I failed.