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My body my life reflection

What are the 3 most important research skills I learnt?

I learnt many things this term during the my body my life project and got the chance to work with Angus and Jack. We worked together  to do a presentation on the muscular system. But the 3 most important research  skills I learnt were, to use recommended websites, use books and not just use the internet and to always take advice from other people.


How can I improve my group work skills?

To work better as a group and listen to every ones ideas without  a interruption.


What is my goal for integrated?

My goal is to have better note taking skills so I can take notes a lot quicker.

3 way conference

Hi Mum and Dad!

This is my blog! It has changed a lot over time but here it is! All my posts are here for you to see when ever you want. You can look at every thing I post and there will be new posts every week.