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math mate term 2 sheet 2

Predict: I predict this will be about addition.

Read: Fill in the digits 1,3,4,5 and 6 so that each side of the triangle equals 9.

Clarify:  Nothing to clarify.

Big Question : Witch numbers go where so that each side equals 9.

mathematicians tool box: Guess check and improve.

Solve: I came up with as many sums I could with those numbers so that they equal 9.

Summery: This question was pretty stiff but when your doing any thing just remember to never give up. As long as you work hard you can accomplish any thing! I went through the steps with you and now you know how to do it so give every thing a shot.

Mate problem solving outline steps! :)

Predict: What sort of maths problem do you think it is?

Read: read the problem.

Clarify: write the meaning of words or concepts.

Big Question : What dose the question mean?

Solve: how did you solve it? Write the steps!

Summery: summarize what the problem was about and how you went about solving it.

100 WC #36

It’s a summer evening  and the sky is black but blacker than usual. Alex thought to himself, with the kitty zoo keeper sleeping peacefully on his shoulder as they fly through the sky. He looked down and saw a polar bear watching T.V and had a hot chocolate on a world famous expensive coffee table. Yikes thought Alex but did not say a word because of the zoo keeper on his shoulder. He started to feel sleepy and went to sleep himself. Alex and his balloon drifted through the dark sky. Thinking about that weird polar bear he saw there.

Reading log leads ( Toad Away).

At the moment I am reading Toad Away and will be answering this question for you : Dose a character remind you of someone in real life? Why?

Well in the story Charm goes missing witch reminded me of when my sister got lost in DFO!

Reading log leads. “After”

At the moment I am reading “After” by Morris Glietzman. And today I will be answering this question for you: Which character taught you the most? Why?


In this book Yuli teaches me the most. She is the leader of a partisans and is very wise, smart and kind.

Thats why I think Yuli taught me the most.

100 wc week 35

“The light is so bright! Alex complained the next day still thinking about the kitty zoo keeper. The sun it’s blinding me the pain!” Alex went on. “ Stop your  wining!” yelled the kitty zoo keeper. “  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why are you here and not complaining about the light?”  Alex asked. “ We have huge lights on at night back at the zoo. She said. Let’s land thing to stop your winging.”  She continued. “ No go away I don’t know you just go and don’t land my balloon.” Alex called to her. “ Fine, baby!” she yelled.



Reading log leads! “Now.”

At the moment I am reading ” Now by Morris Glietzman. And today i will be answering this question: What is the genre of this book? How do you know?

Well I believe this book is a historic book. It says stuff like “In the year 1942….”. Plus Nazis are mentioned in this book. Also there was no such a I phone.


So this is why this story’s genre is history.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! A kitty zoo keeper!

“ I want to meet someone new so  I am going to land write here!” Alex the adorable little puppy landed his balloon in hope for a adventure. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! A kitty zoo keeper! I thought only dogs could be zoo keepers!” Alex screamed. “ Yeh that’s write I’m Zoe the little kitty zoo keeper said. “Wow. What are you doing here at night?” Alex asked Zoe. “ I’m on a night time mission to make sure all the animals are safe. Because rumour has it that this time every year a villain takes a animal.” Alex left in fright immediately.

The boring writing prosses. book number 6

For Morris Glietzman.

“The writing process can be dull but mostly I try and make it exiting! Alex told Sarah while he was writing in his travel journal.  Thanks for getting it for me.” Alex was saying to Sarah. ” No worries, when you saw it, you really wanted it so I did not mind.” Sarah told Alex. ” Do you want the last taco so I can start eating my hot dogs from New York?” Alex asked Sarah. ” Maybe later, I’m not that hungry. Sarah replied. We should probably get out of this balloon and get some exercise.” Sarah suggested. “Ok!” Alex replied. So Alex landed his balloon to get out and get some exercise. “OMG! Alex shouted. Is this the Sydney opera house?” Alex asked himself out loud. ” Yes it is.” Sarah replied. ” This is where Carris Gliezman writes his stories! The best pets author in Australia! Alex explained to Sarah. He can give me tips on my writing.” Alex explained even more. ” I guess he could.” Sarah replied. ” I’m going to knock on his door and see if he will.”

2 minutes later……..

” Oh he has a door bell.” Alex mumbled. DING DONG! Carris answered the door. ” Hello can I help you?” Carris asked. ” Yes please.” Alex replied. ” Would you like to come in?” offered Carris. ” Ok.” Alex said and stepped in. ” Would you like a cookie?” Carris asked. ” No thanks, but I would like to know how to make my writing more interesting.” Alex replied. ” Easy as long as it comes from the heart you will be fine.” Carris said. “Ok. Thank you. Bye!”

Back in the balloon…..

“You were write you do make the writing process exiting.” Sarah told Alex.

There both up in the air now and of to there  next destination. I wonder where they will go next?

math mate! :) sheet 10 term 2

prediction: I  predict it will be about missing symbols.

read: put a +,x or – to make this sentence correct.

clarify: nothing to clarify.

Mathematicians tool box: guess, check and improve.

solve: since the answer is big I thought it must be x but the answer was to big so I -.

summery: the answer was 6×8-2=46.