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Swimming sports.

We walked to the pool, joyfull and happy. I walked with one of my best friends, Shakira. We were walking very slowly so my teacher (Liz) told us to’ hurry up!’

When we got to the pool Shakira and I chose a spot to put the rug down. Then we put our stuff down and got changed so we could get in the pool.

I had 4 events non stop! I was so teird. I had, Free stail, back stroke, butterfly and breast stroke. I got 3rd for breast stroke and 4th for back stroke. After a big brake I had the corck scramble. We colected 100 corks!


Well… It was fun!

Dear Liz.

Dear Liz,

2013 is going to be a great year I can feal it! Every thing is new and exiting. My Mum and Dad are in the middle of a devorce so there will be days were I am upset so yah. I love Moshi Monsters and Calisthenics. So there will be days where I am sore. This year I am not doing swimming so I will bring more homework in! So thats all I have to say. BYE! Love from India.

In 5/6c

In 5/6c we will traet everybody equally.

In 5/6c mistakes are seen as learning opitunitys.

In 5/6c we respect eachothers propity and opinions.

In 5/6c we stay strong no matter what.

In 5/6c we are comfterble trying new things.

this year

This year is going to be exiting and scarey too. I am now in grade five. a huge move up. I now have a locker a new teacher and harder tasks. I am not looking forword to galar sports. I am doing vollie ball. It is tyring and painfull. I am now one of the roll-models of the school.Scarey.Year 5 is a lot of fun.We have just reseved our Net Books.I now do sinece and only do art for half the year.




I will do more up dates soon. BYE! alora7490